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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested all my 10 Short Term Goals in 1 Month

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January 18, 2021
Law of Attraction Success Story – Change my Life & become Mentally Strong in 1 Month
February 26, 2021

Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested all my 10 Short Term Goals in 1 Month


By, Deeya, India

I would like to share my manifestations, few of which were not even in my desire list but all thanks to my Universe for always blessing me with abundance. I realised yet again that if I am happy, calm, peaceful and positive, I am capable of attracting so many things , that my Universe has to offer me. All thanks to Mohit Tahiliani and his wonderful 31 Days Magical Workshop which made me shine like a bright star and enjoy all the bliss gifted my Universe in my life.

I have become disciplined in following my gratitude practice, listening to affirmations and holy chants and doing meditation twice a day which helped me realise so many different aspects of my troubled mind and I have become so peaceful. I offered my prayers to Goddess Kali whom I refer to as Ma Kali in my housing society temple and Kali Ma wears my gifted shawl everyday ..that is the happiest moment.It’s like one of the best blessings from my Universe. Purohit ji gives me Ashirwad whenever I meet him and blesses me for a happy married life.

- I attracted Rs 1,30,000 in my account from my Grandmother, foreign exchange and in form of cash as my engagement gift and I could feel how much money loves me and keeps coming to me from known and unknown sources.

- I attracted a salesforce requirement and a business analyst role together in a BT Simplify programme and I got interviewed by BT design leads and it was a superb experience and my manager was very excited to place me in this project and it is a billable position.

- I am getting salesforce guidance from my Salesforces COE guys l to complete my salesforce Administration certification I am on my way to complete Salesforce force consultant certification soon.

- I met my friend, Shuvam after 10 months and it was such a pleasant experience and I got a gift from him as a pre-wedding gift.

- I manifested an Amazon stick from my saved credit points and I wanted to buy it for a long time but got it almost for free from Axis Reward points today.

- I am enjoying Netflix on my 42 inch screen everyday watching my favourite Big Bang Theory.

- My Dadu and Dida treated me with the best Rice ceremony in January , a week before my engagement and gave me an abundance of blessings .

- I manifested my Magic rock and my external hard drive, which I was looking for quite some time in unexpected places in my home.

- I have got engaged to the man of my dreams, my soul mate after dating for an year and he is exactly the kind of person, I have always wanted in my life and all thanks to my Universe for bringing him in my life and the beautiful bond our families share in between each other.

- I have received so much love, blessings and gifts from my loved ones on my engagement day that I felt out of the world with a humble heart full of gratitude.

And the list goes on...

Live in the present, Enjoy the present & Keep believing in your Dreams…


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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