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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Dream Job

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December 24, 2018
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January 2, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested Dream Job


- By, Mandavi Jayakar, India

Hello Magical people, I want to share my Success Story. I have always been a Negative person and I always first look at the problems and then the positives in a situation. I had the opportunity of being Introduced to Law of Attraction by a friend 3 Years ago and I was not sure of how to practice. I tried somethings on my own but was really not manifesting anything because I would continue thinking negatively. This continued until I joined Mohit’s “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop where I used to practice twice daily. I learnt a few things and tried to incorporate them in my daily life. I meditated often, changed my thoughts whenever I had doubts or negative energy, spoke to friends who practiced Law of Attraction for help, did affirmations whenever possible. I basically built a positive persona of myself.

In the month of September I started looking for a Job and got an Offer from a company. I was happy that I had an offer but the Pay Package was low and the role was challenging. My husband and I were also planning to move to Gurgaon, which is almost 1 hr away from the place I had got my offer from. I spoke to the Universe often about how I wanted a brand company, a good role especially in Gurgaon so that I wouldn’t waste time traveling.

I continued to meditate and do my Affirmations. For a month I did not get any other opportunity but I continued to maintain positivity around me. I believed that Universe was doing the best for me. And suddenly 2 weeks ago I got a call for an interview at a great company with a higher package. I was called for an Interview today. I spoke to Mohit about my fear yesterday as I had tough competition to face. There were 5 more people shortlisted for the interview. The role was for marketing and 2 people who were shortlisted with me had prior experience in marketing so I was nervous. Mohit asked to believe in the Universe and to feel like the job is already mine. To celebrate the job as if I have already received it. I did the exact thing, told myself that the job is mine and believed that I have the offer letter in my hand. I wrote on a piece of paper expressing gratitude to the Universe for giving me the job.

I went in for the interview with the belief that I will walk out with the offer letter And I really did get the job. I Received a confirmation today evening and I am extremely happy. I am grateful to the Universe for giving me this opportunity, grateful to Mohit and grateful to all you Magical people who posted their Success Stories and kept me going.

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Mohit Tahiliani

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Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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