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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Rs 2,45,000 and more Desires in 1 Month

Law of Attraction Success Story – Dream Big & Attract Big
August 22, 2019
Law of Attraction Success Story – I am in Love with my Life
September 11, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested Rs 2,45,000 and more Desires in 1 Month


- By, Khushbu Thakkar, India

I was introduced to Law of Attraction by Dr. Sneh Desai Sir around 7-8 years ago. I used to practice at that time regularly but after years passed there were some good phases and some bad phases in my life and I was unable to follow practices. But all thanks to God, while I was once surfing Facebook, I came across Mohit Sir's Online “31 Days Mind Power Magic Workshop" and I joined the same in December 2017 and at that time I was very negative person because of some bad phases in my life.

After Joining his workshop, many changes came in my life. I became very Positive person, then again in August 2018, I left everything at my in Laws place and came back to my maternal place because of some personal issues, at that time I became very negative person, I was very nervous and frightened about all that situations. My health got affected too badly. But than slowly and steadily I remembered Mohit sir teachings about life that we are creator of our own life , so I slowly started imagining that everything is going to happen good in my life and I am fit , fine and healthy. So slowly in next 2-3 months I became very positive person and every situation started happening as I wanted to happen.

Thank you so much Universe for always being with me with love and peace and thank you Mohit sir , Ayanka mam and Meenakshi mam for the teachings, to learn more on “Law of attraction” .

I again joined "31 Days Mind Power Magic Workshop" in August 2019 and I manifested many desires :-

1. I wrote a cheque of Rs 5000 as it was a part of our session and I got Rs 36,295/- and that too within 24hrs in my 1st workshop and I wrote cheque of Rs. 10,000 in the 2nd workshop, I received cheque of Rs. 2,54,000/- in 2-3 days and I bought new mobile for my father from this money as I wrote while making magic check. It was just a wow moment for me. I love money and money loves me, money come to me so easily and quickly. Thank you thank you thank you Universe.

2. I have become a positive person and I am always happy throughout the day. I have become very active in all courses of work.My relations have become better with everyone.i started loving myself the way I am.

3. I am a foodie person so whenever I feel to eat particular dish I just imagine to eat and I usually get that to eat in 1-2 days either someone bring that food on their own or I see it in nearby shop so I go and buy it and enjoy the food.. Thank you Universe.

4. Whenever I don’t get auto I just thank god that - “muje auto mil gaya” and within 3-5 mins I always find auto to reach my destination. Thank you So much Universe for the help.

5. I am getting divorced with my husband easily, quickly, positively as the way I want. Thank you Universe for always being with me.

Life is so much Fun and Magical.Everything is possible. Just ask what you want from The Universe and The Universe is always ready to help us and always stay happy. Magic Dust on all the people. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you so much Universe.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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