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Law of Attraction Success Story – Never Compromise with Dreams

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March 16, 2018
Law of Attraction Success Story – 31 Days Magic Session is the best
March 16, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Never Compromise with Dreams


- By, Banita Sharma, India

I would like to start my Success Story by saying most precious & Magical words - "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"

I have divided my Success Story it into 4 parts:-

1 ) How I was before attending “31 Days Magic Session” -

I was an ambitious girl...full of dreams n ready to fly and with full energy n passion n with all that traits I joined my 1st job in another city in corporate sector which was my choice.

- I Used to miss family.

- Became workaholic.

- Got increments but lost Social Life.

- No friends no relationships.

- Office politics.

- More money less time to enjoy.

- And many such issues...job persons can better relate.

- Health issues n due to poor health everything lost its value for me.

So, after 1 year left the job. Time got worse, remaining idle not easy which causes. I had Money Issues, Society issues (kya ker rahe ho beta?, Parental pressure(No job..No Rishta) and list goes on but best thing was that I am very stubborn, not in wrong way but I have never ever compromised with my DREAMS or DESIRES, not even expected others to help me not even of parents otherwise they are very supportive. I was capable enough, but was confused biggest question was: What I really want from my life? In search of real me, I landed up on “Living the Secret" page and there journey started with MOHIT SIR.

2 ) My deepest Desire was:- To become Soft Skill trainer in LPU. (Completed after 31 Days Magic Session)

Which I have manifested in most magical way, from start to end it was full of twist & turns and with many Magical’s like UNIVERSE was always have eye on me and was conspiring everything in the best way and was wanted to gift me my desire at divine time. It's very interesting story but Long story short. My interview n everything was done but I was put on hold that was also very magical but can't go in detail...but this was the Time which transformed me in Magical Me.

3 ) What I have today?

- Found the answer what really I wanted from my life.

- Got answer that what really I wanted as my profession that I am made for.

- When I was put on hold I utilized the time for making paintings which I enjoyed heartily.

- More patient, balanced & emotionally intelligent now.

- Got to know about my Strengths n converted them into opportunity.

- Good health.

- Magical friend’s and people around me.

- And much more

4 ) Things I learned which helped me to manifest my desire -

Being Happy & enjoy doing what I love.. for me it was my paintings.

Being patient and not to become desperate.

Open yourself for Abundance don't bound yourself with your desire. Freedom is the Key.

Most important that if UNIVERSE is taking time that means UNIVERSE is planning to give you more than you have expected... really it happened to me. I wanted to become Soft Skill trainer in LPU but the time I was put on hold with LPU as vacancy was awaited. God gave me the omens n I started painting just for myself to enjoy n then UNIVERSE provided me the opportunity to exhibit my Paintings in exhibition which is bonus from UNIVERSE because I was ignorant about my talent seriously UNIVERSE is too good...all UNIVERSE demands from you is to just Enjoy in whatever situation you are.. I wanted to tell you all that I have manifested...9 Desires out of 10 In most magical way...I will write another story for that..


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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