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Law of Attraction Success Story – Paradigm Shift

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May 23, 2018
Law of Attraction Success Story – Life Transforming
June 4, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Paradigm Shift


- By Varsha, India

With immense joy and a big smile on my face, I am delighted to share - Two of my major Goals have been manifested while I am still doing this fabulous - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Online Workshop.

I have been struggling with few personal and professional setbacks since since 5 years now and I was on the verge of a break down. I got to know about your course while and some how my intuition asked me to take up the Course. Trust me, it has really been a Life Changing experience. I was always been grumpy , pessimistic and surrounded by negativity due to setbacks and was going direction less.

First thing I learned from this workshop was how to channelize negative energy into positive vibes and make it work our way. I started making small changes in my thinking and I'm totally amused to see the results I have got. I cracked a tough interview with practice of gratitude and made myself competent and confident to face all fears and challenges to face it.

I received an exciting offer with twice the Pay check and a challenging role. This is really welcoming as I wasn’t happy with my current job and was adding only stress. Another wish of mine and my family was having an own house and it came true as we got a great home with reasonable cost and elated to say that I received the allotment letter .

Thank you Mohit sir, your teachings are very practical, easy to use and it certainly creates a Paradigm Shift and aligns our thoughts so that universe gets what you desire.

Million thanks to you and your team for creating such amazing programme and helping souls achieve their dreams.

If you want to know more about Life Transforming Online Workshops on Law of Attraction like - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session. The Workshop starts 1st of every month. If you want 100% results and to get my personal Coaching as well, you can join this workshop by clicking the given link :


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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