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Law of Attraction Success Story – University Topper

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March 16, 2018
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March 16, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - University Topper


- By, Karan Vyas, India

I want to share my success story on how I became University Topper and got Gold Medal with the help of Law Of Attraction. I was an average student in my school time but I always try to give my best to do my work but still I got average marks. When I started my college, I came to know about “The Secret" and Law Of Attraction but that time I started using it for achieving small things.

One day an incident happen, that forced me to believe on Law Of Attraction. I was in second semester and I got first semester result with 10th Rank in my class. That was very crucial time for me, I was bit disappointed as I worked really hard but still didn't get great marks. Then with the help of Law of Attraction I decided my goal that "I am a University topper”. When I tried to achieve my goal using Law Of Attraction, I changed the way of my thinking. I started believing that I am University topper and I got gold medal. I started living this goal every week and saying that I am a University topper. I also gave my best effort for achieving this.

When the second semester results came I was totally Amazed. I got first rank in my class and I didn't believe that, their was a huge difference between my marks and second ranker marks. I thanked God and started believing on Law Of Attraction with that day. I was constant topper from second to six semester and than eight semester in my class.

At one time I distributed sweets, five days before results of 5th semester, and I told that I am topper that's why I am distributing sweets. I really get awesome results. When result come, that time too I was topper with maximum marks I had ever got.

I am grateful to Mohit and Universe for giving me opportunity to do this workshop. I have a list of magical experiences that happened in my life during last month. Every day there is one new unexpected thing was happening and I am sure it will go on till my last breath. So be grateful to Universe for whatever you have. It will automatically give you so many reasons to thank him. Feel happy for yourself, the people who’s associated with you, things which are there in your life.

When I started Mohit Sir's "31 Day Magical Session”, I had read The Secret, The Power and The Magic but I wasn't applying it on regular basis but with the help of this sessions I got consistency into my life and after completing that sessions I got eight semester results and I got to know that I was University Topper and I will be appreciated by The Governor with Gold medal. I am very thankful to Mohit Sir, Rhonda Bryan, God and my well wishers.

Thank you Thank you all who helps me to achieve this huge success into my life.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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