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Law of Attraction Success Story – Weight Loss using Law of Attraction

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January 30, 2018
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February 5, 2018

Law of Attraction Success Story - Weight Loss using Law of Attraction


- By, Reema Goregaonkar, India

Hello magical souls :)

Sharing my manifestations from my “31 Days Magic Session” in August, September and December -

1. My wish list consisted of having a weight off 55kgs with a figure of 34-28-36 . Here is my body transformation story. :)

I had recently put on weight in past 1 year which was 65kgs as u can see in my before after pic below. So I hit the gym and started following diet schedule strictly. Apart from this I used to practice Magic Health daily. Everyday I used to visualize myself having a perfect figure with the perfect weight I wanted and feel it immensely . Also before beginning my workout everyday I sprinkle magic dust on all the equipment.

With this routine I lost 8 Kgs in just 84 days. I was 65kgs in July 2017 & I achieved my goal in Oct 2017 with 57 kgs & reduced hell lot of inches . My current weight is 57kgs with a figure of 34-30-36, pretty close to my goal.

I achieved this figure without having any kind of protein supplements . Yes you heard it right, being a non vegetarian I utilized my protein sources to full extent being eggs , chicken and fish . Also when I wasn't able to have non-veg due to religious reasons I used to rely on paneer to fill up my protein requirements . Many people told me that you cant achieve such figure without protein but here I am in front of you guys who achieved this in just 84 days relying only on natural protein sources .

During my transformation journey I had to take to a break from my workout for a period of 1 month since I had my CA final exams in Nov . Also I was pretty much on ease with my diet . So to maintain my achieved figure I used the practice of magic ingredient and magic dust on the food I used to eat believing watt ever I am eating is contributing towards my figure instead of worrying about me putting on weight during that span .I had almost left my diet during that 1 month and was having all sort of junk food. And the result was marvelous after 1 month when I did my BMI in Nov there was actually a reduction of fat content from my body. Watt a magical moment it was :)

Currently I am back to my workout in order to achieve my dream figure.

2. I used to have severe acne issues on my face . After these sessions b’cos of Magic Health practice my acne healed magically and now I've a spot free skin . Not only that my skin now is smooth soft n glowing like never before.

3. I am the kind of person who has few friends in life. One of my desires in wish list was to have a girl bestie who would be my ditto Xerox copy.

After leaving school I never had any bestie b'cox of past bad experiences . But b'cos of these sessions I found 2 beautiful new friends Deeya Ray and Ankit . Both from these magic sessions only exactly watt I wished for :)

Magic dust on you all :)

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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