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Law of Attraction Success Story – Writing my own Destiny through my Thoughts

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August 10, 2020
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September 15, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story - Writing my own Destiny through my Thoughts


By, Deepti, India

From a person who hated the word CHANGE in any aspect of life to a person who is ready to change 360 degrees. I have grown as a person each day since the start of “31 Days Magic Workshop” conducted by Mohit Sir. The workshop itself came as a Magic in life at the Right Time when I needed something exciting in life at the most.

Filled with extreme negativities in life since childhood and stringent beliefs which gifted me with physical illness, mental pressures, unwanted stress, disturbed relationships, self criticism, lack of confidence, stuck to the past and what not. I was never able to utilise my potential in real life in any sphere. Thinking the worst possible negative in every situation of life, not allowing happiness in my life due to my self created fears, anger and frustration became the traits of my personality and i used to repeat in my head and mouth that it's my nature, it can not be changed and i am like this only. But the day it came in my thought process that i can not continue this sort of living and i need to Change for my better future , the Universe brought every possible way in front of me like a magic so effortlessly .

My major desires were to bring self changes which is a continuous process in our lifetime as we learn every single day from.daily situations but today I can proudly say that I can myself see drastic changes in myself which includes meditation, self love, happiness, calmness and above all Positivity.

Thank you Mohit and Ayanka for their continuous support and motivation throughout the journey and making me believe in myself more and more .I also thank all the wonderful people I met during this journey who boost positivity every time till now. My power dose for all - Bring gratitude in your mindset the way you breathe and just try to shift your focus from negativity to finding positive in everything and you will realise how Miracles happen . Everything starts falling in place for you which I am experiencing daily from small to big things.

Last but not the least , I received the biggest compliment of life from many people now that they can feel so positive talking to me. From the words and journey - Deepti you are the extreme levels of how a negative person can be to the words Deepti how can you be so positive and stable , here comes the new version and new beginning of ME which is not an End but a real start now for the new beginning .

Thank you God and Mohit once again for this blessing. Need to learn a lot and a lot more. Always Remember the Golden Rule - "YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR DESTINY"

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you!!


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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