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Law of Attraction Success Story – You are the Architect of your life

Law of Attraction Success Story – Unbelievable Changes in 31 Days
July 21, 2020
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September 1, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story - You are the Architect of your life


By, Ashlesha, India

Hello Magical people , I am Magical Ashlesha Gaikwad , Architect from Pune, Maharashtra. I am very blessed, happy and grateful to Rhonda Byrne for sharing "The Secret" with everyone which has changed my life as well.

Thank you so much to Mohit Tahiliani Sir and Ayanka Bhardwaj ma'am for teaching me all those practises which are related to LAW OF ATTRACTION. Now i can confidently say that, Yes I am living my dream life and this "31 Days Mind, Power, Magic Workshop" has changed my life in a positive way. When I had started this workshop I still remember the day Mohit sir introduced us about "Count your blessings " practice, it is one of the most effective practices which has made me appreciate what I have in my life.

Before Joining this workshop, I had gone through a really dark phase of my life. I used to cry a lot at night because of depression. My past was the reason that I had never loved myself. I had built up insecurities, overthinking problems and fear of losing people around me. In the phase of depression, I had lost hope related to my career; because I had got failures in my previous 2 jobs. My relationship with people around me wasn't that good, I used to get angry very quickly and used to fight a lot. If I ever started liking any guy, that person had never accepted me which had made me judge myself continuously, because of this problem I had gained insecurities, I had lost confidence, I never liked my body whenever I used to look at the mirror, I was too much dependent on people for my own happiness.

On the 3rd day of the workshop, Mohit sir had asked us to make a 'Short term desire list'. At this stage I was pretty sure what I wanted in my life. From the 4th day itself 2 of my desires manifested out of 10. As mentioned below..

1) I always wanted to have happy and positive people around me, hence many of my negative friends have stopped talking to me and I had started attracting happy, positive people around me.

2) I wanted to eat healthy food during the lockdown period but I never got motivation, so this workshop helped to cope up with that. (2 desires were manifested on day 4)

On day 7, Mohit sir had taught us about "Self love practice".I have started doing that practice continuously and experienced "miracles" in my life. People have started appreciating me from that day, I've accepted myself the way I am, loving myself everyday. This has helped me to boost up my confidence level and things started changing around me in a positive way.

With Mohit sir's guidance and personal attention, I have experienced many changes in myself..I have a "good sleeping pattern" now, I do all my activities on my own without depending on anyone at my home. I wake up at 5am every morning, do my meditation practice, because of this I felt energetic throughout the day and now I am very positive and one of the happiest people in the world!!

Within 20 days with Mohit sir's Motivational videos and "Visualisation practice", I have manifested 2 more desires out of 10.

I am following all those steps that have been taught by Mohit Sir as "Ask, Believe, Receive"

I am working out at home everyday for one hour and my skin is glowing..

These were my other two desires that have manifested from my desires list.

On the 22nd day, I lost 4 kgs within 1 week. I never got this result in my gym, I had tried many things in the past, but my mind wasn't stable so I couldn't get results at my gym. So at this moment 4 out of 10 desires have been manifested and I am very excited to manifest another 4 desires very soon!!

Thank you so much Mohit sir and Ayanka ma'am for conducting this workshop. Thank you so much Ayanka ma'am for correcting me always. Thank you so much to all group members for motivating me and supporting me always. Thank you to my Best friend Disha, who has asked me to join this workshop. I am grateful to The Universe for giving me the opportunity to join this workshop.

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you!!


Join my online " 7 Days Free Law of Attraction Workshop " Today -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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