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Law of Attraction Success Story – Got Admission in Dream University

Law of Attraction Success Story – Success in Business
October 13, 2017
Law of Attraction Success Story – Attracted Dream Job in One of the Worlds Best Consulting Company
October 13, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story - Got Admission in Dream University


-By, Pinky Paul, Trivandrum, India

First of all I would like to thank you Mohit Tahiliani, for guiding me and inspiring me. In my previous sessions I have succeeded in manifesting lot of positive things and the most important thing is I now believe in myself and know that I deserve the best. Of all the things I have manifested one thing which really made me jump out of happiness is the day my PhD interview results were announced and my friend called me at 9.30 in the evening and told that we both were selected in the interview. It was one of the wish I wanted to manifest in the previous session.

When I remember how I prepared for the entrance and the interview, still I get goose bumps. I got just one month for preparation from the date of notification for the entrance exam. Since I have a habit of keeping everything for the last moment, I spend the 1st week collecting previous years question paper and other materials for preparation. The second week, I got my leg wounded and couldn't study due to pain for a long time. But still I managed to study one question paper. When I recovered from that, one day my blood pressure went down and I was sick for some more days. In spite of illness again I managed to study one more question paper. When I regained my health there were just 4 days for the exam. I tried to study one more question paper. But later I realized, in this short period of time I would rather revise whatever I have learned than learning new things. For the rest of the time I revised whatever I have learned. No need to say, the exam was really tough and not even a single question was there from what I have learn and to add more spice, there was negative mark for each wrong answer. But I didn't loose hope. I started meditating and visualizing. There is a meditation called Kalpavriksha Meditation which I do often. Anyway when the result came I got 34th rank in an exam for which more than 500 students appeared and to add cherry to the cake my NET exam results were published in the same day and I cleared that too.

Now I have one more challenge, the interview where I will have to present my topic of research. I thought for a long time and chose a topic which I felt interesting. When I discussed it with some of the professors I knew, they discouraged me and I literally didn't get any help (except for the prayers of my mother and my grandmother). The universe helped me there also. One of my friends helped me in preparing the synopsis. He would correct each chapter I have prepared and give necessary suggestions. But by the time I completed preparing my synopsis, it was just one day to go for the interview. And by the time I completed the notes for presentation, it was 9.00 pm and I have just a few hours left. I studied hard and left everything with the god. The interview went well and I could answer all the questions. They were pretty much impressed by my topic. By this time I was sure that I am nearing my dream. If universe has arranged everything for me till now, I was sure I would be one among the 9 candidates (there are only 9 seats). And the result came and no need to say I was selected to do my research at Pondicherry University.

I had strong faith in the universe. I wanted to do my research in a central university. I randomly picked one and believed that I would get admission there. I didn't apply in any other university which really annoyed my mother and my friends. I just kept Pondicherry University in my mind and visualized me wearing the identity card of that university.

THANK YOU Mohit Tahiliani.....

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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