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Law of Attraction Success Story – Gratitude is the Best Attitude

Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifest All Desires in One Month
October 13, 2017
Law of Attraction Success Story – Attracted Dream House in 1 Month
October 13, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story - Gratitude is the Best Attitude


-By, Rhema Raghav, Malaysia

I enrolled in "31 Days Mind Power Magic" session in October 2015 conducted by Mohit Tahiliani and it was an amazing session. I use to practice LOA since 2009 but through this session Mohit has taught me the right and fast way of manifesting what we want. In the beginning of this session I were told to write down top 10 desires which we want to manifest fast. I wrote it down and one of it is my medical card.

I went for an open heart surgery in 2012 when I was as young as 24 and during that time I had one medical card but at that point of time when the medical company got to know I had Congenital heart disorder they terminated due to some reason. After my surgery I manage to overcome the deadly pain with my secret and LOA but somehow I failed to attract a new medical card.

After 3 years of dreaming of having one, my dream came true right after this session over when one of my sister's close friend helped me to apply for one and he was very surprise that the insurance company approved my medical card even after knowing my condition and the best part is according to him cases like this usually they wouldn't let claims for any heart related but in my case only structural heart condition cannot claim. I was truly grateful and jumping in joy with happy tears because I wanted a medical card badly knowing the expenses of medical these days. I am deeply grateful to Mohit Tahiliani for the wonderful session which has taught me to live happy without any reason and just live the life with pure happiness. Happiness is something I create within myself and with no one around also I could jump in joy feeling happy.

Thank you Mohit Tahiliani and my utmost gratitude to dear Rhonda my inspiration. Love you always.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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