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Law of Attraction Success Story – I got my Life back, Started my own Clinic & Manifested 7/10 Desires in 30 Days

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March 22, 2021
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Law of Attraction Success Story - I got my Life back, Started my own Clinic & Manifested 7/10 Desires in 30 Days


By, Dr Swapna, India

I am so happy to share my success story today.Thank you, thank you, Thank you so much for the "31 Days Magical Mind Power" workshop with Mohit sir and Ayanka mam. This Workshop gave me my life back.

I had ups and downs in life but because of this workshop I am literally able to change my situation in every aspect. Now I am able to face and accept my problems. I am able to overcome my situation. I am really very very grateful to you sir. I am grateful to the Universe, my friend Yogeshwari and my family. I have become a more confident person. I started to believe in my abilities. I set my goals and I am daily working on it. I successfully achieved 7 out of 10 short term desires.

When I decided to start my clinic it was just a thought but soon everything happened as I visualized. My husband helped me financially. My friend and I had a conversation .We both decided to start a clinic in partnership. In fact I got a place exactly as I imagined. Everything happened within just 1 month.I am very happy and so much grateful that I have the opening of my dental clinic this week. ️Love you Universe.

One of my goals is to upgrade my skills ,so my friend recently did one workshop and she helped me to upgrade my skill with new tips and tricks. I am doing all my morning and night rituals, self love practice. I started to plan my day , visualize it and let it go. I did my job and I know the universe is doing everything else for me. I am feeling just awesome and happy full day,even if I feel slightly sad then my mind starts to think positive and soon I become happy.

I was facing depression due to some issue. My friend Yogeshwari asked me to watch Mohit Sir's Videos after that I started to focus on positive things and after doing this "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop, I am completely changed. Now I am working on myself in every aspect.I am improving my health, my financial situation, my working skills, my relationships and the Universe is giving me abundance.I am so much grateful.I feel so happy and blessed when I shifted my focus on my blessings.

I have been following LOA for 10 yrs. After watching the secret movie, I wrote down what kind of life partner I wanted and I totally forgot that. After a few years I met my husband Harshal. We met through Orkut.we became friends and fell in love with each other. Our parents initially opposed us but soon we got married with their blessings. When I was at my home ,I got my diary and I saw my wishlist for my partner.I was so happy and grateful that Harshal has each and every quality I wanted . Universe is magical. I practiced LOA knowingly and unknowingly but Mohit sir and Ayanka mam you teach me proper techniques. I learnt so many things, I improved my mistakes in LOA practice.

Mohit sir soon I will share my more Success Stories with you .Thank you so much for your Personal Coaching.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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