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Law of Attraction Success Story – Life has become Magical

Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested 5 Desires in 25 Days
June 2, 2021
Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifesting Desires is very Easy
June 29, 2021

Law of Attraction Success Story - Life has become Magical


By, Shefali , India

First of all I want to thank God who introduced me to "Magical Mohit Sir" through my elder sister. Who is conducting & Mentoring me in his Life Transforming " 31 Days Mind Power Magic " Workshop.

During this workshop I saw my 7/10 Desires start to Manifest. With the activities of this workshop, I have been able to make myself more Positive than before, due to which the environment around me has started feeling happy again.

My understanding with my hubby has also increased, we started understanding each other better than before and now I get more time for myself so that I can keep myself healthy and enjoy my life to the fullest. Thank u so much sir for this happiness which I feel after joining this workshop.


Join my online " 7 Days Free Law of Attraction Workshop " Today -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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