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Law of Attraction Success Story – Life took a U-turn

Law of Attraction Success Story – Self Love is the best Love
September 26, 2017
Law of Attraction Success Story – Unbelievable Transformation
October 12, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story - Life took a U-turn


- By, Gunjan Bansal, India

Thank you Mohit sir for turning my life drastically. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to share my experience of past 1 year in which my frustrated life transformed into a Magical journey. I came to know about “The Secret” in 2012 and read it couple of times but never able to implement it successfully.

Around 1.5 years back, I came in touch of Mohit sir's Facebook page - “Living the Secret” through my friend and I started following his page and then there was a time when I was frustrated, distracted as well as upset from whatever going on in my life (be it personal or professional) and therefore in March'17 when I joined one of his Online Workshops with an expectation of coming out of my frustration and able to do productive activities in my life instead I got much more from his Workshop.

I was able to capture my happiness in minute things of life and able to easily see positiveness around me in almost everything, my frustration, sadness all such things were gone away just in a month. However I am not able to apply what I learned in that session regularly and my life took a U-turn again and that was the point I realized that being grateful for what you have is important but it is equally important to be happy with yourself. So I decided to attend one his Workshop again and in this session not only I was able to recapture what I had lost with time but also gain things like positivity with confidence. This time I didn't discontinue my leanings from the session and today I am happy with my magical life.

Sir has taught me a vital lesson of life which I already knew but somehow it faded a little bit with time and i.e. to be happy by yourself, self love and not blame anyone because at the end it is your decision how you want to spend your lovely journey of life in nutshell. I have seen my life taking magical turns and able to achieve satisfaction from what I am doing and peace of mind as well as seeing positiveness around me in everything and at anytime. And I can say happily that, for turning your life around as per your wishes you just need 1 hour a daily to devote on yourself with a belief that you can do what you want.

Today, I am happy as I am able to get little bit of my perfect shape(from which my sister is surely jealous) , I am able to secure satisfaction in my studies, I am getting job offers even without applying in companies, I am able to spend quality time with my Family and close friends. In short my personal and professional life has faced a marvelous change in just few months and I believe that same is going to last forever and I am easily gonna see my life time changing in one year from failure to Success, from nothing to everything I want for the time being.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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