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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested my Dream Car

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April 27, 2021
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Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested my Dream Car


By, Dr Nidhi, India

It is with extreme joy and gratitude that I want to share about my Desire manifestation. One of my biggest dreams was to own this particular car, in a red color. It actually was out of reach, but since I did your "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop, and I also did Personal Coaching with Mohit later on, I learnt to think about it positively.

From always thinking “ dunno when this will ever be possible”, you taught me to think about it happily and Mohit you taught me to think “ this is already mine”. I have to admit, thinking that took time, and more importantly, when I let go of thinking when I will own it, and when I started loving my present car tremendously, this dream car of mine landed in my parking lot.

I have posted pictures of it in my wishbook, I have drawn it’s symbol everywhere. I could - I kept tracing it’s symbol imaginarily even on the steering of the car I drove daily, I have kept wallpapers of this in my phone for years and then I let go. I learnt to be happy without it, and I developed a feeling of detachment and within 2 months it manifested ..

It was nothing short of a miracle, for, a month earlier there was absolutely no chance of the purchase.. I used to pass the showroom daily on my way to work, and saw this Red Car on display and I kept wishing for it. But it was a higher model, and even when I stepped in to buy a car from that showroom, there was NO CHANCE of my getting this one. I saw it, smiled because I loved it and walked past it to select a lower range car which was not even available in red color . And then I don’t know how, but the workings happened in a way that I ended up with the red car I loved and saw and wished for - the one in the display. I call it my personal miracle, for it is nothing but the almighty's blessings, and your teachings Mohit, that actually physically manifested into a proof of the "Law of Attraction" working towards my benefit.

Thank you so much Mohit, thank you Universe, thank you God !! Miracles do come with a color, shape & form. One of them is present in my parking lot today, and though it’s been a week, I still can’t believe it’s mine. Maybe I never will, but one thing that is Ingrained in me now - is amazement mixed with tremendous gratitude. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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