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Law of Attraction Success Story – Became Positive, Happy and Healed my Mind and Body

Law of Attraction Success Story – Life Changed in 1 month Workshop
May 31, 2019
Law of Attraction Success Story – Living my Dream Life
May 31, 2019

Law of Attraction Success Story - Became Positive, Happy and Healed my Mind and Body


- By Rajni Mala, India

Hey Everyone… I got to know about “The secret”/ LOA from my brother about 10 Years ago. Since then, I have attracted so many things in life (cracking exams, money, health) by following the secret. But with time I started doubting myself and was not able to practise it wholeheartedly. This was because of the work load and stress. I used to feel Negativity around me as a result of which I started losing my confidence and was not able to focus on the studies. Then I joined Online “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop (1st May, 2019) Organized by Mohit Tahiliani Sir which showed me a new side of Life which is full of Love, Passion, Health, Wealth and Prosperity. I again started believing in myself.

My 4-5 Desires from my Short Term Desire List have already been fulfilled and others are on the way. Most of them were related to my internal healing. Whether its health, wealth or happiness I have been getting abundance from the universe. Now I feel totally healthy and the cells are working in perfect harmony. My hair, skin, eyes have become more magical and beautiful and everyone can see spark of positive energy coming out of me. Before joining the workshop I experienced Memory loss. I used to forget names, things and everything. Then, I started believing that my Mind is working in harmony and my memory is improving day by day. Now I can remember everything that I need to know.

I just love writing and reciting poetry. And few days back I got a News from my senior that they are going to organise a poetic symposium and I am very excited to participate. I always wanted to write and publish my book. One day, one of my lab mate offered me to publish my book under his uncle’s publication House. And I believe that in coming days many more publishers would come to me and appreciate my work.

Since the day I started counting my blessings, I have received so many Good News. My project got approved and now I am going to get hike in fellowship. My best friend got increment in salary and named the best performer. I started receiving more samples for my research study.

Everyday, I feel more and more prosperous and blessed. I try to share “The secret” with as many people as I can and I make them realise that they are a divine being and they have all the power to make their life magical.

Thank you thank you thank you to Rhonda Byrne, Mohit sir and Ayanka ma’am for enlightening our lives..

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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