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Life Changing Activity – Pyramid of Mastery

March 7, 2015
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April 28, 2015

Life Changing Activity - Pyramid of Mastery

What is Success? Do you think, when a person buys his BMW car is a successful person but he is having a back ache while sitting in it? Do you think a healthy person is successful who can’t afford to spend money for his children’s vacation? Do you think that a person who is working in his dream company with great salary who doesn’t get time to spend with his wife & children’s is successful?

The Seven Areas of Focus

1. Physical Body: The vehicle through which you experience life

2. Emotions & Meaning: The fuel of life

3. Relationships: The ultimate magnifier of human experience

4. Time: How and where you focus your energy

5. Work / Career / Mission: How you make a difference, lead and influence other.

6. Finances: A medium of exchange to create, transfer and share value

7. Celebrate & Contribute: A spiritual awareness

There are 7 Pillars in our life and I believe that when we keep balance in all the pillars of our life, we can truly call ourselves truly successful person. Majority of people make this common mistake, i.e. they focus on their strongest pillar and work hard on that, which will leave the week pillar even weaker. For example - In school days, you have 5-6 subjects & if you like Maths and it's your strength then you love to study it and practice on daily basis. When exams are up, you might focus on Maths and try to score 90+ and then you focus on other subjects later on. When you should do is study more on your weaker subjects first and later when you get time, go through your strength subject i.e. Maths in this case.

This is just a small example of school exams, here we are talking about our life. Unless and until you realize where you stand in life, you can't change it. Today we will do this Pyramid of Mastery activity which will not only help you understand how successful you are and which are your strong pillars in life but it will also solve any difficult situation you will face in your life ahead.

Mastering these seven areas means living life to its fullest. If the base is week, when any wave comes, the building will fall down similarly when your 1st four areas are week, you will never be able to live happy & successful life.

While all seven areas of life are important, there is a hierarchy that creates peak performance and fulfillment. For example, if you don’t master your body—your capacity to maximize your health, energy and vitality—all the money, career success or contribution in the world will be worthless. You can’t experience an extraordinary quality of life without the vehicle that’s going to help you create it.

Or, if you spend your time trying to solve all your relationship problems, but you haven’t even mastered your emotions, it’s a recipe for disaster. Without mastering meaning and emotion, you will always be at the mercy of life’s challenges. Having a firm grasp of your emotions frees you to be proactive rather than reactive to changes you face.

Similarly, you must determine how you focus and spend your time in order to create a successful career. Once you’ve discovered how to add value in your work/career/mission, you can create a plan to grow your wealth. Spiritual growth and your capacity to celebrate and contribute are at the top because you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor until you’ve sowed the right seeds.

Mastering these seven areas means living life to its fullest. If the base is week, when any wave comes, the building will fall down similarly when your 1st four areas are week, you will never be able to live happy & successful life. Once you make your first four pillars of the pyramid strong, you don't have to work hard on top three pillars, as they will come as byproducts. :)

Check out the pie-chart and give yourself points from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest marks. Give marks to yourself in all areas of life. Most of the people including myself cried after doing this activity and had a self-realization. Next time if you have to take any decision in life, for example – If you have a business meeting which can finalize a new project worth millions and can’t be postponed and on the other hand if your child has a birthday and there is a party at the same time which can’t be skipped; but you have to pick only one of the two. If you have 7-8 points in your career and 2-3 points in your relationship pillar then you know what to do. There will come many such difficult times in your life and you have to make a choice, remember your chart and it will help you to decide what you need to do.

Here is a small example to make you understand better -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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