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Law of Attraction Success Story – Used Law of Attraction to help Family members

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April 17, 2017
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April 19, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story – Used Law of Attraction to help Family members


- By, Palak Shukla, India

Hello Magical Miraculous people..

The bliss ,the perfection,and the magically filled gratitude I am experiencing while penning down this soulful journey of magical miraculous daily manifestations, is beyond words.

Manifestation No. 1 – Its about the magical 16th of March 2017.

One of my Uncle ,he is crossing over 65years of age & lives in a small town with his family ,around 200kms far away from my city. He was traveling to a nearby town on 15th of March 2017 ,when he met with an accident at around 7.30pm that resulted in deep injuries, not deep as such but deep as according to his age n he was fully unconscious not showing any signs of movement.

The situation went challenging as my father had to leave for an unavoidable business related work (examination) the other day at 4am & it was impossible for him to go & see my uncle. It further complicated when there was no improvement in his situation & the doctors said they could only wait till 10am.

Anyhow we all convinced papa to leave for his work & he left with a heavy heart. Each one was praying & as Mohit has always taught us in his “31 Days Magic Session”, that our thoughts have the power to change any kind of situation in our life I calmed myself down,started my meditation at 5am & visualized that my uncle is perfectly fine and enjoying and having a conversation with all of us, his family members and also that my papa is peacefully returning from his work.

So here is the magic that unfolded –

We got a call from papa at 8 am that my uncle was perfectly fine he was enjoying his tea & biscuits at the hospital bed & he will be getting discharge in the evening.

My family ,the doctors were all shocked that a man who wasn’t saying a word was scolding his son & enjoying. It was a Magic that unfolded with 4 hours of continuous positive thinking and positive vibrations of each n every family member.

Yes, it was a magic universe’s magic ,magic of each one’s prayers their positive thoughts & energy. I owe this happiness credit to my inner magic to everybody’s positive thoughts and Reiki that reached the universe & created this miracle. This was the most magical miraculous date of my life & the most magical part was that now my parents have started believing in Law Of Attraction.

Manifestation No. 2 – This is the second time I am sharing such magical manifestation of success in our business. There were fluctuations always resulting in our family business. Mohit always advice me to give magical wand to dad & visualize that he’s always up with good news, each day I wrote & wrote gratitude & even papa started thinking positive & focusing on the positive outcomes rather then the missing parts.

This time too we got huge profits, in fact the profit quadrupled & my dad is the happiest & my family too. My magical belief says this happiness is always there & will be there because Universe loves me so so much.

I completely owe this Magic & Miracle to Mohit Tahiliani who has always & still teaches me to focus on the positives & helps me improve each day. To my parent’s positivist & to Universe n Law Of Attraction & to all you magical friends RISE & SHINE.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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