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Law of Attraction Success Story – Loving Yourself Is The Key To Success

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May 19, 2017
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May 25, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story – Loving yourself is the Key to Success


- By, Nisha Thamarakshan, India

Heart full thanks to the divine time I came across the “31 Days Magic Session” & I inquired with Mohit Sir and I got myself enrolled for 1st Jan 2017 and I had this intuition that 2017 is going to be a kick start for me.

1st Manifestation – My dream internship with CNBC Tv 18 as editor. Prior to joining this 31 Days Magic Session.

2nd Manifestation – Being in media it’s a complete no for my professional growth after attending this Magical session of Jan 2017 I manifested my smile. Thanks to Mohit sir to teach us how to get whatever we want in life, & today I finally got my smile on my face. And I know, very soon I will be manifesting other wishes too & I would be posting here too. Tonnes of thanks to Surbhi Parmar. I never thought, I will meet and make friends here. Surbhi always keep check on me thank you so much dear. And tonnes of thanks to my dentist & my school mate Ashmi who helped me with this treatment and she did it for me at least charge, other clinics quoted me 50-80k were in my friend charged only 7200 a huge difference. It’s immense pleasure to meet you all here and I got a chance to share my small part of my world.

3rd Manifestation – I really loved this guy and really wanted to marry him. But my relationship with was at tither & wanted to save it or I can say I was afraid to loose him from my life. But after practicing magical relationship he did change his behavior towards me. But may be something better had in store for me.

4th Manifestation – As I’m intern with CNBC for 3 months I’m not paid for this 3 months so I never had money but still I was thankful for all expense that was paid off by mom. This is where I manifested trip to my native full free of cost again sponsored by mom to my God’s own country Kerala. I trust divine timing too. When I reached Kerala I got to know about the guy whom I was courting getting married on 2nd April 2017. Everything went upside down, I was not able to focus on my internship part too. By the way in internship people don’t get leave easily which I got for 10 days approved by my boss.

5th Manifestation – I also lost my job as CNBC. They where not hiring me but today my boss walked up to me to ask me how about planning to join his team. I’m so blessed wen I heard this from him I simply jumped & said yes and now finally writing for my paper work to be done n become part of CNBC TV18 family. Gaurav Sharma thank you this for you hope you remember our short conversation on my birthday.

And last but not the least I would love to thank Rajesh sir who started writing blog’s which helped me lot & he even wrote How to Manifest or restore relationship when I asked him to help me out. Thanks to Mahesh Kadam who was always there to guide me. Priyanka Mundra to always cheer me up Urmila Erande to call me up when I was upset Surbhi Parmar & Komal Gandhi to help me with good morning messages or links pertaining to uplifting our moods. Arundhati for posting daily affirmations in our group. Loving yourself is the key to Success

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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