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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Government Job

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May 16, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Magic Success Story – Manifested Government Job


- By, Pritam Valvi, India

I came to know about “The Secret” in the year 2010 when I took admission in personality development classes, I watched the video of The secret, but I was not completely aware about the importance and use of law of attraction practice, I was directly and indirectly applying the law on my life but still unaware the importance of it, I read all books series of The Secret, but I was not getting the expected results because of improper methods of implementation.

I understood this when I joined Mohit’s “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session, I was going through a bad time in 2014 I had many dreams which I wanted to fulfill but the situations around me were so unfavorable because of which I was broken badly, my very dream was I wanted to start my career in government sector, I was trying hard for it but somehow wasn’t getting the desired results, I joined the session of Mohit Sir in 2015, the 1st thing I understood is I need to be Grateful first for what I have right now and then I will be blessed with what I desired for.

In his session, Mohit sir taught us to be grateful for everything what we have in present, I started to feel grateful for everything what I have, day by day I started to observe the changes in me and my life. I started to become happy and peaceful from within which resulted into the complete and peaceful sleep, to have a peaceful sleep everyday was the first Magic that happened in my life, my thinking pattern started to change from negative to positive. Everyday I started to receive small miracles happening into my life, I was able to see how the Universe is responding to me it was a very great experience of my life which has improved the great belief in Universe and Law of Attraction,

In 2016 I attracted my Dream of a my Government Job. I got qualified in written exam as well as in interview and placed in government of Maharashtra. I not only attracted a dream job but also dream salary and job location. This also I learn from Mohit sir how to attract a Dream Job and salary and location throughout his session.

Now I am practicing towards my dream Life partner and some other things. I am really grateful to Mohit sir for helping me in changing my life. And the most important part is Mohit taught me is how to maintain the Inner-Peace and enthusiasm, which directly results into the positive changes in outer physical world and find good in every situation by feeling grateful

Thank you thank you thank you.

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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