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Law of Attraction Success Story – Responding Positively In Intense Situation

Law of Attraction Success Story – Got 300% Hike in Salary
July 21, 2017
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July 24, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story – Responding Positively In Intense Situation


- By, Balwinder, India

I joined “31st Day Mind Power Magic” session in Nov 2016 and it helped me a lot in life in all aspects. I understood the power of Gratitude. Honestly whenever I read Magic stories and how Law of Attraction worked for people seemed to be questioning somewhere in mind. How would it be possible? Although I am ardent believer of The Secret, but as you know human mind. I always felt very happy and grateful when I read all the stories.

I want to share my magic story today. Few days back we went to hospital for my father as he is suffering from some disease. I was very weak hearted for all the test and results. But I had to go with my father. When we went, they gave us next day date for check up. So on next day we went on time as test were suppose to start at 8am, but scenario was different there it was 9am and then Doctor came. They started calling patients in, but not us.. Almost 40 patient went in. Then they said your form is not with us. I was worried as he was having fever and was empty stomach. How could they do such thing ? But forgetting all the anxiety rest apart. I sat and took out my Magic Stone and try to visualise that I was going back home sitting in car & I am very grateful for God for all his normal test reports and all the doctors who told me about test reports. I just wanted to give a try and so I keep on visualising.

After 15 minutes my uncle received a phone call from my aunt. She told why don’t you call her nephew who works in same hospital he will help you. We called him & things worked for us. And for my surprise they called my papa’s name he went in & report was normal. Things started working for us and for another test which was CT scan, Dr called me in and told that everything is alright, it’s just localised infection. It will be all right. Usually they don’t tell to patients. Reports are supposed to be come after 5 days as next two days were of Saturday Sunday.

I m extremely thankful to God and all the people who make it possible for me. Thanks to the core of my heart. When you start feeling grateful God will compile all people and situations in favour of you to fulfil your wish.

Friends in this life, we all are struggling, but be positive and grateful and off course trust the Universe. Trust Is the key..

Jeena isi ka name hai…

Lots of magic dust to all..

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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