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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Great Health & Positive Mindset

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January 17, 2024
Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifesting has become so Easy
February 12, 2024

Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested Great Health & Positive Mindset


By, Aishwariya Iyenger , USA

"I have been practicing Law Of Attraction with Mohit and his team for the past one year. I think the biggest takeaways for me from this practice are the daily Gratitude journaling and Desire visualization process.

Just last month as part of the 31-day Magical Workshop, I made a list of 10 desires from 12 aspects of my life. After that, I just stuck to the directions given in the workshop- joyfully journalled gratitude daily, meditated regularly and visualized my desires with emotion. I’m happy and grateful to share that I was able to manifest around 6-7 desires! Over the past one year, I have also been able to improve my ideas of self-worth, self-confidence and fear of failure.

On top of that, regular Meditation with Positive Affirmation audios that Mohit provides has dramatically improved my overall health- Irregular periods due to PCOS have become very regular, my Skin issues are fading, and I have identified a sure-shot way to reduce my stress levels under any situation.

I have practiced other philosophies before arriving at Law of Attraction and Continue to do so, but by adding the values of ask, believe, and receive of LOA and coaching by Mind, Body and Soul, I have found a Holistic approach to suit my lifestyle and ideas." Thank you Mohit for conducting "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop & helping People like me to make their Life Better.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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