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How to Master your Mind & become Mentally Healthy?

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March 13, 2020
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March 16, 2020

How to Master your Mind & become Mentally Healthy?


I feel, more then physical health, we need help in Mental Health. Emotions is our 2nd Dimension of Life where most people in this World are Suffering now a days. I too was suffering in my childhood. I had lot of Anger Issues, I used to take lot of Stress and get Anxiety in my School Days and College days. I used to over thing a lot, fear of failure and lot more. Once in college days, I went in depression for 6 months, it was one of the toughest phase of my life. It's hard to recover by yourself.

But, I am glad to come across "The Secret", I started doing my research on Law of Attraction from 2009 and I learned lot of ways to come out of Depression and Anxiety. I started practicing and my life changed in 3-4 months. I felt very happy and free at that moment. But now a days, I am observing that approx. 50% people on our planet earth are either Suffering from Overthinking / Anxiety / Stress or Depression. I believe you all will agree with me on this. So this area if one of the most important areas we need to focus on and improve.

During my 11 Years of Research, I found that the best solution to this problem of living in the Future or Past is to start "Living in the Present and Enjoy the Present", not thing about Past or Future. But Living in the Present is Difficult, you need lot of practice and motivation, hence people are not able to do it by themselves. They need someone to push them, motivate them, teach them, check them.

So I have started giving such practices in my Online "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop to help people get 100% Results in just 1 month. Now my students are getting great results, they are becoming Mentally Strong, Confident, Positive in Negative Situations of Life, they are Happy because they are living in the Present without any Stress. If you have a Coach, this process becomes easy.


"If you have any such problems in Emotions, please message me on - /

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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