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Law of Attraction Success Story – My Life Has Become Magical & Now I am Living my Dream Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – My Life Has Become Magical in 1 Month
August 4, 2022
Law of Attraction Success Story – Following my Passion & Manifested my Dream Job
September 15, 2022

Law of Attraction Success Story - My Life Has Become Magical & Now I am Living my Dream Life


By, Mohit Tahiliani, India

Hello Magical Friends..

Today I am very Happy and Blessed to share my own Story with all of you Today -

I was born in a Lower Middle Class family in a small town Gandhidham, Gujarat. When I was six months old, my family shifted to another small town Anand, Gujarat. Both my parents had to work very hard and struggle to make sure we had 3 meals a day. I still remember, there was a time when we were not able to afford a maid, those were hard times.

At that time, I wished that I want to be Rich & never suffer from Financial Problems in Life like my parents did. I wished no one in the world should have financial problems in Life. I had inferior complex problems when I was a kid, I had very less friends in School.

I used to Dream Big when I was a kid. I wished to be Happy, Rich & Successful. I wished to help millions of people, but I had no clue, how ? When I shared my wish with my Dad, he used to tell me -

- Don't Dream Big, we are Middle Class family. We can never be Rich.

- Don't fly high or else you will fall down hard.

- Study hard, and get a good job.

- Live your life in Limits.


No one supported my Dreams and I used to struggle alone without any help/guidance. I know lot of you must have experienced the same if you are coming from a Middle Class family like me. I struggled in Health/ Relationship/ Finance/ Peace of Mind/ Happiness.

It was 2009 in my college days, when I got to know about "Law of Attraction" from "The Secret" Video. I then read the book and watched the video many times, I started following it and reading more books on "Law of Attraction". One by one my Desires started manifesting and I attracted my 1st Job in 2011, after I cleared my College Final Exam (B.E in Electronics & Communication).


My 1st Job was at TCS, and then I attracted my 1st Project - APPLE ( One of the best IT companies in the World). I loved reading and writing so I started my Blog. I used to help people by Free Online Teachings on Law of Attraction from 2012. I also wrote my 1st book - "Living the Secret" and it became International Best Seller in 2012. I found my passion when I was working at Apple - It was to help others. I started India's 1st Online Law of Attraction School - "Mind, Body & Soul" in 2015.

When I left Apple, my parents were worried, but I used Law of Attraction and in just 2 years, my Annual Income at Apple was my Monthly Income at "Mind, Body & Soul". I am living my Dream Life since then.


Few of my Magical Manifestations are -

1. My 1st Car at the age of 25.

2. My Dream Penthouse in Vadodara at 28.

3. I go on Vacation every couple of months.

4. I wrote and published my 1st Book Internationally in 2012 when I was working with Apple.

5. I work only 7-8 hours a day.

6. I have Multiple Sources of Income, life is magical.

7. I am Healthy & Fit. I run Marathons every year.

8. I have friends in every City of India.

9. I attracted my Life Partner - Ayanka Bhardwaj and got married in Goa on a Beach on 14th Feb 2019.

10. I feel, I am one of the Happiest Person of the World.

I believe if I can attract all my Dreams, so can you too. No one supported me in my Dreams, but I will support you for your Dreams.


I Have Transformed my Life 360 Degrees in Last 12 Years. Now my Vision is To Help People who are Struggling Like me in their Life & Help Them To Transform Their Lives 360 Degrees in Every Area by Mastering "Law of Attraction" & "Mind, Body & Soul".

I have Designed a 31 Days Mind Power Magic Workshop Where I Personally Mentor My Students for one Month.


Here is the link to know more -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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