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Law of Attraction Success Story – My Mantra to Success is Law of Attraction & Power of Subconscious Mind

Law of Attraction Success Story – Law of Attraction Gives you Wings to fly Higher and Higher
August 16, 2021
Law of Attraction Success Story – If I can Manifest my Desires, You can do it Too
August 16, 2021

Law of Attraction Success Story - My Mantra to Success is Law of Attraction & Power of Subconscious Mind


By, Ca Rajiv Bansal, India

I am very grateful and happy to say that Today I achieved everything in my life. I fulfilled many of my desires like:

1. Dream Home with Dream Location - I planned to purchase my dream home at dream location after five years and I manifested my long term desire in 2016, and finally achieved it in 2019. I am surprised that I did not have much money to even purchase a small flat, but with the power of my Subconscious mind and manifestation of desire, I was able to achieve my desires within a period of 3.5 years only.

2. My Own CA Practice – I was not feeling very happy to do my job as my routine, I was like that I wanted to fly but could not do it at my job. Otherwise I was having a good job, I was working as General Manager & Head of finance with a Reputed Pharma Company, but finally resigned from the company in April 2016 and started my own CA Practice. When I was starting my CA Profession, I was totally Zero. I manifested my work and business with lots of clients and finally I got my desire fulfilled. Today I have lots of clients and Lots of work to do. I achieved a good reputation in my region. My name is like a brand name “Bansal CA”. Everyone wants to come to me to solve any kind of problem in taxation. I am very blessed to have fulfilled my desires.

3. Freedom of money & Freedom of Time– I always dreamed of freedom of money and freedom of time formula in my childhood. This formula I came to know when I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad during my schooling and struggle life from finance. Today I have good wealth to manage, A Dream House, an SUV Car and many Businesses, that is only because of Working on myself, Law of attraction, Power of Subconscious mind and manifestation of dreams.

I got to know the power of subconscious mind and alignment of body with thoughts when I joined Mohit's "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop in 2016. Thanks Mohit for guiding me and changing my life a lot. Thank you once again.

I wish everyone should work on her/himself and their belief system. The power of Subconscious mind is very powerful, once you start to manifest your dreams with belief, it will come true. I Hope everyone’s dreams come true.

Thanks to The Universe and Thanks to the Power of Subconscious mind and Thanks to the Law of attraction.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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