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365 Days Destiny Tuning Program becomes a Blessing for Life and Beyond

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365 Days Destiny Tuning Program becomes a Blessing for Life and Beyond


By, Shikha Bahl, India

Hello to all Magical Souls. I am Shikha Bahl from Delhi. I am so grateful for sharing my Success Story with you all. A hearty thanks to God, my parents, My mentor Mohit and to everyone who has been a part of my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much.

My life was going great as I was following my passion and worked with an International airline for almost 12 years but the time came when I started feeling monotonous and stressed all the time with my shift job due to that even my health was getting affected a lot and without thinking that what will happen next or what I will do in my future I just left my job which use to be my passion.

Things were going smoothly for a few months as I was enjoying my family time but inside I was always missing something. Restlessness was there and I was not able to figure out what I really wanted to do. Due to that I became so negative in that situation and people around me and my relationship was affecting a lot. One negative thought ruins my whole day with thousands of negativity around which unknowingly I was attracting it by myself. And it was really difficult for me to forgive the people who hurt me. I eagerly wanted to change my mindset but was not aware how to do it. I was reading a lot of books but was not aware of implementing that in my life.

Now the story begins how I found the magic in myself - I came across "31 Days Law of Attraction '' program by Mohit Tahiliani in the year 2016 and I just enrolled for it. In only 31 days I saw many good changes inside me and after that Mohit conducted a 2 hours workshop in Delhi itself and when I met him there I was so amazed looking at him. He is so cool,calm,passionate and excited and happy for everything and then I couldn't wait to enroll myself for 365 days destiny tuning program and believe me this one is for everyone.

Firstly Mohit told me to make my Desire List for what I want to achieve in all the 12 areas of my life. Believe me out of 24 , my 18 Desires I have achieved within 7 to 8 months. Mohit teaches about Morning and Night rituals which everyone should follow. Meditation and gratitude has become my part of life.

- Being grateful and feeling it deeply will make you a magician and you will have an abundance of situations,people and things to be grateful for.

- Connected to my inner self and living in peace.

- Living in the moment and enjoying it fully is the actual life.

- I have attracted happiness, finance and love from the people around me.

- Everyday I am working on myself to be better than yesterday.

- I am my best motivator.

- Deeply in love with my real self. Become more confident.

- I started appreciating my small small efforts and things I do.

- My relationship has improved magically with everyone.

- My health has improved a lot and I have achieved my desired weight.

- I have become a Money Magnet.

- I am attracting only positive and like minded people in my life now.

- I am able to forgive the ones who have hurt me in the past and now I have moved on peacefully.

- I have attracted many positive and magical friends from this magical group.

- Even I have achieved the things which were not there in my desire list at all.

- I have become a certified chocolatier and my business is doing great.

- I have found my passion and am working on it.

- Soon going to give a lot of good news.

- Everyday I am learning something new .

- Now my life is full of happiness and excitement every single day.

Saying thank you to Mohit will never ever be enough for what he has taught me and helped me to find my real self.

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much to every beautiful soul .

Be grateful for everything and make your life magical.

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