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Life Coach Success Story – “Consistency is the Key to Manifest All Your Desires”

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January 11, 2022
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January 17, 2022

Life Coach Success Story - "Consistency is the Key to Manifest All Your Desires”


By, Ila Acharya, India

I came to know about THE SECRET book on 12 DECEMBER 2010. I remember the exact date because Universe has sent me signals many times before also but I was not able to understand them, so Universe finally sent my Guardian Angel to my home and personally shared with me about THE SECRET BOOK . I thank Universe and my Guardian Angel for sharing with me THE SECRET. From that day my life has changed 360 degrees and all for good reasons .

I manifested the following things practicing Law of Attraction -

1. I manifested my promotion and salary hike in May 2011.

2. I manifested an Appreciation Letter and 5000 cash money from my Institute in June 2012.

3. I manifested my Soulmate on October 11, 2013.

4. I manifested my Perfect Eyes on April 2014 (removed spectacles which I was wearing for 25 long years by successful eye operation)

5. I manifested my first pregnancy on 10th May 2015 exactly on the date of our first marriage Anniversary.

6. I manifested my first job after pregnancy on 10th June 2018 in the same school in which my Son got the admission in Playgroup.

7. I manifested my passion of learning more about Law of Attraction and Becoming a Certified LIFE COACH AND LAW OF ATTRACTION COACH from 1st February 2020 till August 31,2020.

8. Finally I Manifested my DREAM JOB as LIFECOACH AND LAW OF ATTRACTION COACH on Nov 26,2021. I am Now a Team Member of the Phone Counseling Team in Mind, Body and Soul of Mohit Tahilliani.

In March 2019 I bought this book “ THINK AND GROW RICH '' BY NAPOLEON HILL as I was watching Bob Proctor's Video daily during that time, who has changed his life completely after applying the practices given in that book. I decided to give it a try and on 25 June 2019 Wrote the Famous 6 steps to manifest your desires given in that book and on 13 July 2019 I started affirming that desire and being grateful for my dream job.

I have known Mohit Tahilliani Personally for a long time and came to know about his online school in 2017 and from that day itself I have decided to be part of MIND , BODY AND SOUL as LIFECOACH.

Finally we met in his office on 26 January 2018 when I and my husband both were struggling financially. After that one to one personal meeting my husband decided to attend his 31 days Signature Workshop in March 2018, which was beneficial to both of us in all manners.

We both got jobs in June 2018 which was because of all the positivity and clarity of the workshop. And writing gratitude daily which brings all the manifestations into my life.

And in 2019 when I decided to do a Certificate Course in Life Coaching I searched for many online courses and offline courses as well. I really wanted to do this course from someone whom I can Trust and Believe in , who was Mohit Tahilliani.

So in the month of February 2020 when he announced 1 month Life Coaching Course I was Super happy and dancing as I knew this was my Manifestation. ..Yuhuuuuu. At the end of course he announced an advanced Life Coaching course of 6 months starting from March 2020. And Yes I knew that I had to do it .

I enrolled for the course and had made the lockdown period the most amazing and fruitful period of my Life. So now the series of all the amazing, wonderful manifestations started.

In the entire course I had almost 10 phone counseling sessions from Mohit which has helped me to become more confident, more cool, calm and relaxed in every situation. I started Meditation on a regular basis which helped me to fight with my fears and also feel more aligned. I also had almost 10 phone counseling sessions from Meenakshi Jarial which has helped me to understand human behavior and human psychology .

During the course I manifested various desires like -

1. My Samsung M21 mobile phone.

2. Two books on Law of Attraction by Abraham Teachings.

3. On 31st August 2020 , the last day of my course I was so Confident and Happy that I started my Podcast Channel “ Shangrila With ILA ANANT ACHARYA” on Anchor .FM and various other podcast platforms , in which I successfully completed 5 Seasons in English language and 2 seasons in Gujarati language till date .

4. I started my Youtube Channel under the same title “ Shangrila With ILA ANANT ACHARYA” on 16th March 2021 on which now I am uploading videos based on LOA and other related topics.

5. In July 2021 I got an opportunity to be a part of Mohit’s Signature Workshop in which I had realized that after taking more than 20 phone counselings in 15 days it was actually my plus point.

6. Finally on Nov 26, 2021 Mohit called me and asked me to be part of the Phone Counseling Team in Mind , Body and Soul. OMG...Yes Yes Yes was my answer as I was very sure that this is my Dream Manifestation which I have written in my diary on 13 july 2019 has come true...Yuhuuu...I literally danced after the phone call and we celebrated that day with Pizza and Rainbow Pastry.

7. From Dec 1, 2021 we started with our Mission of helping Millions to live a very happy and amazing life by giving Free Phone counseling. I am very happy to share that I enjoyed my Phone Counseling sessions and was able to help more than 30 students in 21 days.

I am really very thankful to Mohit Tahilliani , Ayanka Bhardwaj and Meenakshi Jarial because of their amazing mentoring and guidance at each and every step of the course, which helped me to realize my strengths and overcome the weaknesses. Thank you Universe for always bringing into my life these wonderful mentors and friends .

So I suggest that those who want to transform their life in all areas should definitely attend Mohit’s Signature Workshop - " 31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop.


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