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Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Desires in every Area of Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – Life has Transformed 360 Degrees
January 17, 2022
5 Simple Steps to Manifest Your Desires using Law of Attraction
January 19, 2022

Law of Attraction Success Story - Manifested Desires in every Area of Life


By, Dr. Seema, India

Hello Everyone,

I’m Dr. Seema. I’m a doctorate in English Literature and currently working as a senior college lecturer. I am a LOA coach, life coach and a counselor as well. So, today I’m here to share my success story with all of you. I’ve known about LOA since 2014 but I wasn’t serious about it then. That was the time when I had many problems in my life.

I had relationship problems. Economic issues, I was overweight and I lacked self-confidence and self-love. I was struggling in each and every area of my life and was looking for ways to change my life and make it better. I’ve always been curious and had the burning desire to know every topic to its depth. The same was for LOA.

I had the burning desire to know about LOA and understand it. I was curious about how it worked and if it would be helpful to me in transforming my life. So, I enrolled myself in Mohit’s workshops and started learning about LOA. I took counseling from Mohit and started to apply the LOA in my life. I started following the practices and with the help and guidance of Mohit I transformed my life completely. He is the best guide and the best LOA coach. After applying the LOA in my life, I saw magical results.

- My level of confidence increased.

- I started loving myself.

- I became the creator of my life.

- I was overweight before but I focused on my physical health and now I’m fit.

- I manifested all my desires.

- I became independent and started taking control of my life.

- Now I’m rocking in each and every area of my life.

- I’ve completed my dreams and got everything I wanted.

- I manifested my perfect job.

- I’m a money magnet and I’m economically stable now.

2021 has been a magical year for me. I not only manifested all my desires but also started my training to become a LOA coach and life coach. And now I’m a LOA coach, life coach and counselor. And becoming this has been my passion. I love to help people and now that I’m a counselor I get to help people everyday and it makes me happy to help everyone. I’ve started rocking in my life live everyday with happiness and gratitude. Patience, positivity and consistency are the key to success.

So, believe in yourself and take control of your life. You’re the creator of your life, so start to create it. Thank you Mohit for teaching and guiding me. Thank you everyone who helped me in this journey of mine to reach happiness and be in a vortex mode. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for helping me in manifesting all my desires easily, effortlessly and quickly.

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