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Law of Attraction Success Story – Life has Transformed 360 Degrees

Life Coach Success Story – “Consistency is the Key to Manifest All Your Desires”
January 17, 2022
Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Desires in every Area of Life
January 17, 2022

Law of Attraction Success Story - Life has Transformed 360 Degrees


By, Mitu Jain, India

Hello Everyone,

I am Mitu Jain, a life coach and practitioner of ‘Law of Attraction’. I have been practicing Law of Attraction since May 2018. Though my journey to become a life coach has not been very easy.

Before I embraced Law of Attraction, my outlook on life was quite dismissive and negative. I had also been through various low phases of my life and suffered from Anxiety. It all began to change when one of my friends gave me the book titled ‘Secret’ to read. This, for me, was the turning point of my life. After reading the book, I understood the power of the Universe and started practicing Law of Attraction. Through my practice, I was attracted to Mohit Sir’s "31 Days Mind Power Magical" Workshop.

The experience of going through that workshop was beyond my imagination. It helped me to understand useful tools to practice positivity and to change my thought process. This encouraged me to attend more workshops which I did and that has helped me change my outlook on life. Now I find myself to be a very positive person with a healthy outlook to life.

The Law of attraction has not only changed my life but it has also empowered me to help others. This has given me a high self esteem and contentment. It has only been possible by practicing Law of Attraction.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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