Next step to “Law of Attraction”

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September 2, 2015
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October 14, 2015

Next step to “Law of Attraction”


I believe everyone knows about “Law of Attraction” these days. Everyone has seen “The Secret” video or read “The Secret” book. We all know about the creative process – ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE. We all know how to write our wish & practice gratitude or visualization to attract our wish. We all know that we should feel good all the time so that we can attract people and circumstances which will make us feel good. But still I find lot of people failing to make their wish come true. Why ?

What is the next step after “Law of Attraction”?

The next step is our Mind Power. What is the science behind “Law of Attraction”? The answer to this question is our “Subconscious Mind.” Lot of you may have an idea that our mind can be divided into two parts – Conscious Mind which has 10% of the power & Subconscious mind which has 90% of the powers. But most of you don’t know what are the power of our Subconscious mind.


Well I have been studying Mind Power for over three years now & all I can say is nothing is impossible if we gain this knowledge of our own Subconscious mind. Here are few of the powers you have –

1. Telepathy – Well if you learn how it works, you can do it intentionally.

2. Self Healing – We can heal any and every disease in our body if we learn the power of our Subconscious mind.

3. Intuition – You also know this as gut feeling or 6th sense. You can talk to your higher consciousness/god and get answers to guide you in life if you understand how to use it.

4. Remove Fear –Well everyone of us has some or other kind of fears & there is an amazing technique to remove the fear permanently.

5. Belief System – What your subconscious mind believes, you will attract it in your life. If you change your core beliefs, you can attract anything you want in life. For example –

a. Soul Mate/Life Partner: You chose the life partner you want & you can attract them in your life.

b. Dream Job:Just name it, describe it & attract it.

c. Successful Business:Take any business you love & reach your target sales.

d. Health:Heal any disease or reduce weight & stay healthy & fit.

e. Prosperity: Do what you love, when you love. Fill your life with abundance of wealth.

Learn more about Law of Attraction & Power of your Subconscious Mind Today. Register on our Website & get Free "7 Days Online Law of Attraction & Mind Power" Teachings. -


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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    I want study law of attraction I join this course

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    Hi sir, I believe, I am so happiest girl & it works in my life..

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    I want how can I do that
    Pls contact me 9558396294

  5. Rishikesh Sawant says:

    Sir I am from Mumbai. I want to know when is the next schedule starting and fees.

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