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Law of Attraction Success Story – Overcame my Anger & become Mentally Strong

Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested Clients & Magical Experience in 31 Days
February 1, 2023
Law of Attraction Success Story – My Successful 31 Days Journey
February 1, 2023

Law of Attraction Success Story - Overcame my Anger & become Mentally Strong


By, Shreya, India

Hello everyone, I m Shreya from Ludhiana (Punjab) . By profession I am an interior designer. Earlier in 2019 I have attended free workshop of 7 Days of Mohit Sir and I have Manfiested few things at that time. But this time also I got a message from Mohit sir regarding the "31 Days Mind Power Magical" Workshop and I was in a confusion wheather I should go for this or not till the last date I was messaging Mohit sir that shall O attend this or not bt he told me just one thing that it this worskhop will change your life and these words really touched my heart & I have started with workshop.

I was so excited for this workshop the Meditation which I really want to learn which really helps me alot. I was having anger issues like if somebody told me some wrong thing I get hyper at that time and I always think of controlling but that was not possible. But I really swear to god which is my biggest weakness that I overcome I have controlled my anger. Now I stay more calm,patient,and possitive and even I take less stress now ,& less react to the stupid situations which makes me hyper…I am so happy and grateful that this workshop really helps me alot.even while starting this workshop I always wanted to overcome my anger which I have achieved successfully…and soo I will manifest my other things also…

Thank You Thank You so much Mohit sir for always motivating me for this workshop and giving me the best councellor for counselling Dr Spoorti channalli…Thank You for everything sir



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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