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Problem Oriented people Vs Solution Oriented people

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September 29, 2015
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November 10, 2015

Problem Oriented people Vs Solution Oriented people


Observe people in your life, everyone has problems in their life but they all live their life in a different way. Well, if you observe people carefully, you can divide them into two different categories.

– Problem Oriented People

– Solution Oriented People

Few days back, I was looking back in my life just to see how much I have grown, learned and achieved in last few years. I observed that when I worked for Apple, TCS my job role was Mac Admin/Security Admin/Server Admin. Most of the time, I used to troubleshoot the problems my colleagues faced while working in different teams. On an average I helped 8-10 colleagues per day, to solve their problems and what was interesting that I was new to Apple environment. I didn’t knew much about it, I had never used an Apple product in my life before but I knew one thing – Nothing is Impossible. Every problem in life has more then one solution.

The point is that in those two years of my first job, I made my mind to focus only on the solutions. See the problem once, and then look for solutions everywhere. I always succeeded for entire 2 years till I worked there. From then onward, I never changed my mindset and therefor I help people around me so easily. This mindset not only helps me face my own challenges and problems with ease but it also helps me in my Law of Attraction Coaching to help others.

Now when I observe people, one of the things I love doing, I see most of the people are sad because they have problems in their lives or in their loved ones life. Lot of people complain all the time about their problems and life sucks and what not. They don’t understand that they will never get out of this life sucks situations with this attitude.

“If you focus on problems, you will attract more problems in life, but if you focus on solutions you will attract more solutions in life.”

Lot of people tell me, “Mohit, you have to be practical in life.” I am practical and I state that everyone has problems and challenges in life, so do I; but have you ever seen me winning about my problems? I never do because problems never stay in my life for a longer time. I solve them, I overcome the challenges. Most of people waste their time by talking about it, crying, feeling sad, cursing life and themselves too. They don’t realize that this is not the solution, if you spend this time to find the solution and implement it, you will overcome the challenge/ solve the problem & feel awesome.

So ask yourself, who are you?

If you are a person who belongs to Solution Oriented people then cheers to you. If you are from Problem Oriented people then you can change your mindset now. How will you do that –

1.Make a list of all the problems and challenges in your life which you are facing right now.

2.Give them a priority on the basis of which one you want to solve or overcome first.

3.Pick the first once and make your intention clear that you will not feel sad for your problems anymore, you will overcome all your challenges like a champion and you will find a solution for your current problem.

4.Look everywhere, take help from people who have faced and overcome similar problems, google it (it know everything).

5.Once you find your solution, implement it.

6.Now pick your 2nd problem/challenge from your list.

Overcoming challenges and solving your problems should be fun and you should fell excited and like a champion when you overcome them every time.


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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  1. Gargi says:

    Very helpful post sir

  2. Atma Ram says:

    Thank you 🙂 Thank you 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  3. Prakash Goon says:

    Thank you Mr.Tahiliani for such a golden words and wisdom thoughts and making us aware of what we are going through. I am really grateful and also i am lucky that i found you as a mentor. One thing i believe is, god always has some purpose to whatever is happening in our life who ever we meet and whatever the circumstances is creating. Once again thank you so much for all your guidance

  4. trupti says:

    wheneva i read ua blog sir i feel quite motivated..and my worries run a puff of smoke..:) thankyou thankyou thankyou…:)

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