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What is Gratitude ?

We All Have Heard - "Gratitude Is The Best Attitude." But Why ....?

Gratitude Means - "To be Thankful to God for what we have in life.." I have observed that most of us are always Complaining about what we don't have in life or what is going wrong in our lives & Law of Attraction says - " Like Attracts Like”. So what we focus on is what we attract back the most. This is why most people attract what they don't want - Negative Situations & Negative People.

Gratitude helps you to shift your Focus from Negative to Positive. When you start counting your blessings everyday, you shift your focus from when things are going wrong in life to what is going right in life. You start focusing on all the positive things in your life & you feel very good & blessed that you have so much in your life. One of the Biggest Realizations I had when I started practicing Gratitude in 2009 is that I realized I am so blessed.

In 2009 when I started practicing Gratitude, my life Changed completely. I started becoming more positive, I started attracting positive people in my life. I also started getting more good situations & good news in my life.. Gratitude has helped my Heal my Body, it has helped me heal my Relationships & it has also helped me to Attract more Money in my life. I have been Practicing Gratitude for 11 Years & now it is in my blood. It has become my Lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of Writing Gratitude Daily ?

1. It will help you become a Positive Person.

2. Your Day with Start with Happiness & Positivity.

3. Your Relationships will become Better with everyone.

4. You can Heal your Body with Gratitude.

5. You will attract Positive People in Your Life.

6. You will attract Happy & Positive Situation in you Life.

7. Your Life will become Magical, You will become one of the Happiest Person.

How to Practice Gratitude ?

There are lots of Ways to Practice Gratitude. In my "31 Days Magical" Workshop which I have been conducting from 2015 to help people master "Law of Attraction", I make my Students enjoy 25 different types of Gratitude Practice.

After doing my 31 Days Magical Workshop people say -" Mohit, you have made our Life Magical" as they see Life Transforming Results in just 31 Days. Most People Manifest 4-5 of their Desires in just 31 Days. I have seen people manifest their Dream Jobs, overcoming their Anxiety & Depression, I have seen people manifest unexpected Money, getting promotion, making new Positive Friends, attracting their Life Partners & lots more ...

As you know it takes 21 Days to make a Habit & 90 Days to Make a Lifestyle. I have designed this 90 Days Gratitude Challenge to help you make Gratitude your LifeStyle. Everyday in the Morning when you wake up, you have to write 10 things you are Grateful to have in your Life. Try to find 10 different things daily. The best way to practice Gratitude is to Enjoy it & do it from your Heart. When you do it with feeling, your life starts transforming in just 1 Day.

So all the Best & Do share your Experience with me after 90 Days on my

Insta Page - @magicalmohit.

Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank You...



About Author

Mohit Tahiliani aka "Magical Mohit" is the founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”. He has been doing Research and following “Law of Attraction” from the age of 20 when he was in College.

Mohit Tahiliani is India's Best Life Coach & Law of Attraction Coach and an Inspirational Writer who writes Inspirational Blogs and Books on Law of Attraction. He has helped 25000+ people through his Online MasterClass. His 1st book – “Living the Secret” became an International Best Seller in 2013.

Currently Mohit Tahiliani is conducting 12 Different Online "Law of Attraction'' Workshops every Year, where he gives personal coaching to his students and he has also started giving Law of Attraction talks in Corporates, Colleges and Schools of India. He also Mentors People One on One basis too.

His Signature Workshop is “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop. He also conducts advanced Workshops on Health, Reprogram SubConscious Mind, Self Love, Mental Health, Happiness, SoulMate, Prosperity & Relationships.

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    I am also interested please tell me about free classes I read all series of the secret but till I am not understand how to do

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    • Mohit Tahiliani says:

      Hello Rakhi,

      Please check your Promotion & Spam folders too. Sometimes, my email goes there.

      Thank You,
      Mohit Tahiliani

  3. Sanyogita sahu says:

    Need urgently.

  4. Satyawati says:

    Can you plz arrange the sessions in Pune?

  5. Pooja says:

    Sir what all are the difference between free and paid classes?

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