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Master your Mind, Master your Life

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October 12, 2020
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October 19, 2020

Master your Mind, Master your Life


Do you know that your Mind starts to Reprogram itself from the Day 1 of your Birth..?

Do you know that your Mind is so Powerful that what you Believe will become your Reality ?

Do you know that you have the Power to Re-program your Mind, no matter what your Age is now ?

Yes, I was Surprised to know this but I have experienced this in my Life. When I started taking Counselings and helping people, I got to know that most people are struggling in Life because of only 1 thing - Negative Mindset. Also it’s not their fault because we are raised in a Negative Society. From childhood we are taught to think about worst case scenarios / compare ourselves with others / we all have so many fears / negative beliefs about so many things. Hence the Result is - Negative Mindset for the Rest of your Life.

But, the Good News is - We can change our Mindset, no matter what our Age is. We can become Happy & positive . We can learn to see the Positive in Every Situation & every single Person you meet in Life. Our Mind is very Powerful, and there is a Great Saying - “If you Master your Mind, you will Master your Life.†I agree with this 100% because I have seen Life Transforming Changes from the last 7 Years in myth Life, after I started to work on my Mind.

How to Reprogram your Mind ?

1. Make a Habit to see the Positive in Every Situation which you face in your Daily Life.

2. Make a Habit to see the Positive in Every Person you meet in your Daily Life.

3. Meditate Daily for 15-30 Minutes.

4. Find your Limiting Beliefs which are part of your Belief System from Childhood.

5. Start changing your Limiting Beliefs to Positive Beliefs which you want to have in Life.

6. Surround yourself with Positive People.

I have Designed a Mind Reprogramming Game which can help you become Cool, Calm & Positive in Negative Situations of Life. Everyday we will play this Game for 25 Days and everyday slowly & gradually your Mind will start to Reprogram from Day 1.

Email me today on - or WhatsApp me on - 9428153974 to get Complete Details of my Workshop and how to Join.

Workshop starts from 1st November 2020.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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