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Find your Self Love Quotient (SLQ) Today

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Find your Self Love Quotient (SLQ) Today


What is ( Self Love Quotient ) SLQ & how it impacts your Life ?

Self Love means how much we love ourselves and the process to measure our Self Love with 7 Pillars is called Self Love Quotient. According to a Survey, 90% People in India have very low SLQ, because our Society is negative by default and from childhood we are being bombarded with our Subconscious Mind with Fear, Anger, Self Criticism & we have forgotten to learn Self Love.

You will agree with me because, being born & brought up in a Middle class family in India, I was taught to Compromise in Life from Childhood / Treat our Guest better than ourselves / do things for others happiness like parents or spouse over our happiness / always trying to make others happy & more.. If you are from India then you might have experienced the same things too. Right …?

Because of Lack of Self Love, it impacted my Confidence Level.. It was very low from childhood, I was not able to have a good Relationship because I never feel that I deserve good people in my life. But when I came to know about “Self Love” in 2010 I saw a Hope in Life. From that day till now I have been working on 7 Pillars of Self Love which has changed my life completely. I saw a pattern - When your SLQ increases, your Happiness Increases. Also when your SLQ Increases, your Manifestation Speed Increases.

How to measure your ( Self Love Quotient ) SLQ ?

Self Love has 7 Pillars through which we can measure our SLQ. If your SLQ is 50+ then you will be happy & also manifest your Desires very easily & effortlessly using “Law of Attraction” Practices. But if your SLQ is Less than 50 then you need to learn how to Increase your SLQ because it will impact each and every area of life like Relationships, Health, Happiness, Career, Peace of Mind and more..

Give yourself Marks out of 10, one being less and 10 being highest in 7 Pillars of Self Love -

Pillar 1 - Self Confidence - Are you a very Confident Person or a less confident Person in Life as General..? If more then give more marks if less then give less marks, if average then give 4-6 marks.

Pillar 2 - Self Motivation - Do you ask yourself daily or motivate yourself daily. How is your Self Talk.. ? Most people when sitting alone, a lot of negative thoughts run in their mind. If you feel you are lazy / bad at something give less marks, if you motivate yourself daily then give more marks, if you are somewhere in between then give average marks.

Pillar 3 - Self Appreciation - Do you appreciate yourself daily for the small things you do from morning to night ? Most people want others to appreciate their hard work but they feel sad when they don’t get appreciation. Some great people appreciate themselves which makes them feel great. If you do this too give more marks or less.

Pillar 4 - Self Image - How do you feel when you look yourself in the Mirror ? Good or Bad ? If you feel good then give more marks / if you feel bad then give less marks.

Pillar 5 - Self Acceptance - Do you feel like you are Perfect and Magical or do you want to change yourself ? Many people don’t accept themselves, they want to change their Height / Weight/ Skin colour / Nose / etc. If you feel the same give less marks or else if you feel that you are perfect give more marks.>

Pillar 6 - Self Forgiveness - Do you feel bad / regret after you make a mistake or you feel good ? Majority people feel bad when they make mistakes and then they feel guilty too. If you are one of them, give less marks. If you feel mistakes are good to grow & feel good to commit mistakes give more marks.>

Pillar 7 - Self Respect - Do you treat yourself like an ordinary person or like you are the King/Queen of this World ? In Indian culture we are taught to treat others more then self which leads to not treating yourself that good. If you do this give less marks or if you treat yourself like a King or Queen then give more marks.

Now, add all your 7 Scores and find your SLQ out of …../ 70 ?

Is it less then 50 or more then 50 ?

Why & How to Increase your SLQ ?

If your SLQ is more then 50, then Kudos. You are going great in Life. But if your SLQ is less than 50 like most people in the World, it’s time to wake up and work on your Self Love from today. Following are the benefits of Increasing your SLQ -

1. You will Fall in love with yourself.

2. Your Relationship with your Inner-Self & people around you will become Magical.

3. You will become a very Confident & Positive Person.

4. You will also become healthy and fit.

5. Your Desires will start to manifest very Easily and Effortlessly.

6. People around you will start to fall in love with your New Version.

7. You will become one of the most happiest person in the World

To help you increase your SLQ, I am conducting the “30 Days Hakuna Matata” Workshop from 1st October 2020 where I will give 1 Daily Fun Activity in these 7 Pillars of Self Love to make your SLQ go 50+ in just 30 Days. Are you Ready to fall in Love ?

If “Yes” , Email me today on - or WhatsApp me on - 9428153974 to get Complete Details of my Workshop and how to Join.

Workshop starts from 1st October.

Last day to Join 30th September.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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