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The Science of Getting Rich

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May 13, 2020
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May 28, 2020

The Science of Getting Rich


Money is the most Easiest thing to Manifest in Life - Magical Mohit

I still remember my Childhood when my Parents used to struggle a lot with Money. They used to work Hard for 9-10 Hours daily at their Jobs but still we were Poor. After after 20 Years of staying in Rented House, we got our own House in Anand, Gujarat. It’s a small house but I felt that now we are a Middle Class Family with 2 Kids. But still when it comes to Money my parents were always Struggling.

I always saw my School Friends who were coming from a Rich Family with Cars and Bungalows & wish that I will also like to live a Happy & Prosperous Life with Abundance of Wealth in my Life. When I came to know about Law of Attraction, I started doing lot of Research about Money and how to Attract more Money in Life.

I found an Interesting Fact, that Money is also an Energy like us. We can improve our Relationship with Money like we can Improve our Relationship with People around us. So all we need to do is -

Step 1 - Be Grateful and Appreciate the Money we have in Life

Step 2 - Feel Rich and Believe we already have the Money we want

Step 3 - Create Positive Beliefs about Money in our SubConscious Mind

The Science to Get Rich is to Follow these 3 Simple Steps daily. But, most people fail to do so. Why ?

Most of People like me come from a Poor/ Middle Class Families & in our Childhood we were taught that -

1. You need to Work Hard to make more Money in Life.

2. Rich people are Bad People.

3. Money don’t Grow on Trees.

4. Be happy with limited Money you have.

5. Rich gets Richer & Poor gets Poorer.

6. You need to sacrifice a lot to become a Successful Businessman.

7. Don’t Dream Big, get good Marks and get a Job.

8. Always save some money for Bad Times .

& so on...

I believe you will Agree with me, if you are from Middle Class Family then your Parents would have said something like this to you. If you have Negative / Limiting Beliefs on Money, you will never be Rich or attract Abundance of Money in Life. It took me years to study and improve my Relationship with Money but I have Designed a 4 Weeks Program where you can Easily Change your Beliefs and get Positive Results in your Life.

In this Workshop I will help following people -

1. Business Owners who are Excited to Grow their Business.

2. People looking to start a New Business & get Successful Launch.

3. People who want to have Multiple Source of Income.

4. People who want to become Financially Free.

5. People looking to get out of their Debt.

If you are one of these 5 Kind of People, message me or Email me today & I will give you a Free Phone Counselling to Understand about your Current Situation and guide you for 4 Weeks in my Online “30 Days Advance Prosperity” Workshop starting 1st June 2020.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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