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Self-Healing (Biggest Mystery Solved)

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September 11, 2019
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Self-Healing (Biggest Mystery Solved)


Self-Healing (Biggest Mystery Solved)

Hello Friends, I am very Happy and Excited to share one of the biggest Secrets of all time. I have been studying my Body and Mind from last 10 Years. When I was a kid, I was used to had lot of Health Problems, like Pimples, Malaria, Tonsils, Jaundice, Typhoid, Throat Infection, I was under weight, my immune system was weak, every year I used to be admitted in Hospitals. I had no clue why was this happening and how to become Healthy and Fit. To be frank, I was not fond of taking tablets all the time.

So, when I came to know about “Law of Attraction”, I started reading books on Self-Healing. I read lot of books, I attended lot of Workshops on Self-Healing and I was Surprised to know that what an Idiot I was because - “I have the Power to heal Myself”. It was so easy and simple to understand at that time because our body is built to Self-Heal & I experienced it. I observed this Healing happening many times, when I got cuts and wounds, I never went to Doctors, by Body healed itself.

First Situation is Self Love, doing things because it makes you Happy. Second Situation is Selfish, when do you thing that makes you happy by hurting others. This is the difference between Self Love and Selfish. I believe after reading this blog you will be clear about the difference. So always do what makes you happy and have Abundance of Self Love.

The best part is that I only give 1 Hour everyday for my Body and it’s very easy to Practice. I have currently had 30 Orbits around the Sun, I believe that when I will have 40, I will be more Healthy and Fit then I am now, when I will have 50 , I will be even more healthy and fit then my 40th Version. I am confident because I have a Lifestyle which makes me do things that keeps me Young and Fit.

I want to teach this Lifestyle of - Stay Healthy Stay Young to Millions of people. I believe that we all can be Forever Young. Imagine a life where you are Good Looking, Perfect Body, Healthy and Young. No more Doctors, No more tablets, only Healthy Lifestyle.

To help people, I have designed - 28 Days Magical Health Workshop” starting from 1st October 2019, where I am going to help you by sharing 10 Self-Healing Practices and 10 Mind Power Practice to stay Young and Fit. If you want to stay Forever Young or if you want to heal your Health Problems like Skin problems, Hair fall, Backache, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Headache, Weight Loss, Cyst, Pcod, Pcos, Eye Sight Problems, etc..

Feel Free to e-mail me on or Whataspp me on 9428153974. I would Love to help you.


To Know more about the Workshop and to Enroll, email me at

or go to our Workshop Page -



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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