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Self Love Vs Selfish ?

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May 31, 2019
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June 10, 2019

Self Love Vs Selfish ?


Difference between Self Love and Selfish ?

Last month I conducted an Online “Self Love” Workshop which was truly Magical. Everyone was very Happy and they have started to fall in Love with themselves. While I was conducting the Workshop, lot of people asked me - “ What is the Difference between Self Love and Selfish?” , so I decided to write a blog and share it with everyone to clear the Doubt.

Situation 1 - There was a Kid who loved Chocolates. So after school, he use to go to a shop near by his School, and buy a Chocolate for himself and sometime for his Friends too. His friends loved him for that. so he loved Chocolates and he Enjoyed them a lot on daily basis.

Situation 2 - There was a Kid who loved Chocolates. So in School, whenever he saw his friends eating Chocolates, he took them and ate it. His friends were very angry on him, because it used to Hurt them. This kid never used to share his Chocolates with anyone in his Class but he took chocolates from everyone when they brought.

First Situation is Self Love, doing things because it makes you Happy. Second Situation is Selfish, when do you thing that makes you happy by hurting others. This is the difference between Self Love and Selfish. I believe after reading this blog you will be clear about the difference. So always do what makes you happy and have Abundance of Self Love.


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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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