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The Journey to “The Valley of Gods” & 7 Life Lesson to Learn

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January 19, 2022
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The Journey to “The Valley of Gods” & 7 Life Lesson to Learn


I Love Nature. If you see my Home, we have more than 200+ Plants in our Garden & inside our House. Call me crazy but we have 10+ Plants in our Bathroom. This is how much me & Ayanka ( My Live in Girlfriend) Love nature.. So it was in February we both Decided to go on a Trek & Ayanka told me about a Trek which I have never ever heard about. It’s called - Har Ki Dun Trek & it’s also called - “The Valley of Gods” . I was excited so I started googling it & found it very Beautiful & Peaceful. I have never gone on a trek more than 3-4 hours & this would be my 1st ever Proper Proper Trek where I will climb mountains & live in Tents & it was making me Super Excited.

So we booked it in Feb itself & we also convinced my cousin Sis - Manoti & our Friend - Sneha to join us on this beautiful & exciting trek starting 2nd April to 8th April ( 7 Days ). I shared this with a lot of friends but most of them were scared & trying to scare me that you will not get Water to Bath for 7 Days. You won’t be able to sleep properly in Tent & You will not get any Electricity to charge your phone & all crap.. So the first thing I learn in this Trek before starting is - “Always Do What Your Heart Says & Don’t listen to People”.

Life Lesson 1 - “Always Do What Your Heart Says & Don’t listen to People” - Many people in India are not able to live their life the way they want because they are always thinking about what others will say about them. I feel this is a very important lesson we all should learn in life if we want to live our Dreams. People are not going to pay your bills. You have to, so stop doing what the world wants you to do & start doing what you Love, follow your Happiness , follow your Highest Excitement.


I love Adventures & 1 Week before our Trip started I got a message that our Return Flights from Dehradun to Ahmedabad on 9th April got Cancelled. I was like - “ The Trip has not yet begun & adventures have already started.” So I told Ayanka , we laughed it out & booked another flight on the same day. I also got a Refund of the canceled flight. We reached Dehradun on 1st April, we all were very Excited for our Trek. Out of 4, 3 of us including me were going on a Trek for the 1st Time in our Lives. The only thing I was worried about was Loo (Toilet) . I have a habit of sitting in Western Loo & I knew that in Camps / Tents / Treks they have Indian Toilets. Normally people worry how we will climb mountains but I was worried only about Toilets . Lol .. It must be sounding crazy ….

On 2nd April we were Picked up by our Travel Guides from Dehradun & we travelled by Travell to Sankri ( Small Village ) which is Approx 200 KM Up on the Mountains in Uttarakhand. Sankri was our Base Camp & we were a Group of 10 People coming from different cities of India on this Trek. The Guesthouse has a beautiful View.


Once we reached the camp, we all Introduced each other & we played a Fun Game where we started bonding in the Group. After dinner, I remember I was talking to our Trek Guide - Pankaj - that I can’t sit in an Indian Style Loo, so I need a Western Loo. He said, don’t worry we have Western Loo. I was like seriously - “Thank God” . That was one of the happiest moments of my Trek knowing that we will have a Western Loo in our Toilet Tents. On that day I learned another Lesson - “Ask & it’s Given” .

Life Lesson 2 - “ Ask for What You Want & It will be Given “ - Most people don’t ask, they believe they won’t get it. But in this World I have learned that everything starts with Asking. As a Law of Attraction Coach, we also teach these 3 Steps - ASK / BELIEVE / RECEIVE in our 31 Days Magical Workshop. Most people easily manifest 4-5 Desires in just 31 Days. It all starts with ASKING .

So on 3rd April, the 27 Km Journey of “The Valley of God - Har Ki Dun” begins. We 4 members had done Off-loading, meaning we only had to carry our Day Bag ( Small Bag ) on our Shoulders. My Day Bag-Pack was around 4-5 Kg & in just 1 Hour of Trekking my Shoulders started paining. On the 1st Day of Trek we walked around 10 KM in the Forest with our Day Bag Pack & I was like - “Please someone give me Massage. I need a Spa.” Thankfully our Trek Leader & Trek Guide made us give 2-3 Minutes Massages to each other after we reached our Camp Side which was very Relaxing. On that day I learned from my Mistake & I shifted 80% of the things I was carrying in the Day Bag Pack to Off-Loading Main Bag.

Life Lesson 3 - It’s ok to Make Mistakes, but We should Learn from Your Mistakes & Change - We all make Mistakes but a lot of people keep making the same mistakes again & again & again & expect different Results which will never happen. It’s OK to make Mistakes but if you learn from your mistakes then you will become better & you will Grow in Life. Also don’t feel Guilty when you make mistakes, don’t be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, learn from it & grow.


When we started the 2nd Day of our Trek, I was feeling very happy & Light as my Day Bag Pack was hardly 2 Kg & I realised that I started enjoying my Trip more. On Day 2 we had to Climb Up. It was 11-12 Km Steep climbing Mountains & it was scary & difficult. I remember one of our Trip Guides told us - “Don’t look Up on how Far you have to Go or else you will give up. Don’t look down the Hill or else you will get Scared. Just focus on the next 2 steps & you will Reach your Destination.” After listening to this, I was so happy because we do the same in life.

Life Lesson 4 - Don’t look too much Up or Down, just focus on Next 2-3 Steps - We do the same in our Life . When I take One to One Counsellings I have noticed that most people think a lot about Future which gives them Stress / Tension / Anxiety . Lot of people think a lot about their Past which makes them feel Sad & Depressed. So the best way to live a Happy life is to Live in the Present & Enjoy the Present. I feel Trekking teaches you the same thing.


On the same day we were climbing & climbing & climbing but our Destination was very far. I think the 2nd day for me was the toughest day on this entire 5 days Trek. But again I was talking to my Trek Buddies about how much we have climbed today & still we can’t see our Base Camp 2. We started complaining about getting tired & other things but suddenly I realised something & I told him - “ Let’s Stop thinking about Destination & Just Enjoy the Journey”. Then we started talking, having Fun, enjoying the Nature around us. We clicked a lot of Pics. I shared about my Trip to Goa & time flew. There was a place we stopped for Lunch & there were small kids playing See-Saw & singing Poems. We all ran towards them & started playing on See-Saw. It was like we all were Kids again. It was one of the Happiest Moments of the Trek.

Life Lesson 5 - Try to Enjoy the Journey Now, Don’t Wait for the Destination - Nothing is Permanent in Life, not even Destination. I have seen a lot of people struggle for Ears in Life & finally after they achieve their Goals at the Age of 40 or 50, they Celebrate once. But I feel you should enjoy the Journey & Celebrate everyday of your Life to the Fullest. When you do this, you will be more Happy & in alignment with the Universe. You will achieve your Goals easily when you Enjoy the Journey. Think about it.


Day 3 was the day when we were going to Reach “ Har Ki Dun” & come back to our Base-Camp. On Day 2, one of my Friends was not feeling well so she decided to take Rest on the Base Camp. This trek was not that Easy & we all were motivating each other. At the End of the Day it’s all in the Mind. If you Master your Mind, you can Master your Life. This is what I teach in my 31 Days Magical Workshop. So I started finding more things to Motivate myself on Day 3. First 2 hours of Day 3 were very Difficult. My Right Leg muscle got pulled. I was feeling pain while walking. We had Stick to support us but still it was difficult. I also felt the Oxygen Level was low, it was a bit difficult to breathe but I kept motivating myself to keep walking.

On the way to “Har Ki Dun” I was surprised to see a small Girl, who must be around 9 -10 Years, going on the same Trek in a different Group. It was so Inspiring to me. I was like Wow.. If Such a small Girl is doing this 54 Km - 5 Days Trek & I can also easily do it ..


Life Lesson 6 - Try to Find Motivation to Keep Yourself Going on a Long Journey - Self Motivation is very Important to keep yourself moving in Life. We all agree to this, without motivation we can’t do anything. We know everything but because of Lack of Motivation / Laziness / Procrastination we don’t take Actions. It’s very important nowadays to keep yourself Motivated from Morning to Night so that you make the most out of your day. I do this everyday & I think Self Motivation has changed my Life completely. It keeps me consistent in staying Happy / Positive & it helps me to follow my Morning & Night Rituals like - Meditation / Gratitude / Affirmations / etc….


Finally we Reached “Har Ki Dun” & the feeling was out of this World. The Energy of this Valley was so Peaceful & I was just enjoying every Minute I spent there. I also meditated there for Few Minutes. I felt like different Gods & Goddess were blessing me & I also had some tears of Joy in my Eyes after Meditating. Finally after climbing 27 Km, 11,700 FT above Sea Level we were there. It was a Magical Journey. Returning was very easy as we had to climb down. But my leg was hurting so I was walking slowly for the last 2 days. All 10 people became very good friends. We used to play games after reaching our Camp sides. I had 2 games with me - Sequence & Uno. We played both, we also played other games which was such a great bonding activity. I had a lot of fun in these 7 Days & I will recommend everyone to do this Trek at least once in their Life.

Life Lesson 7 - Surround Yourself with Nature to Live a Happy & Peaceful Life - From this Trek one of the best things I learned is when you are Surrounded with Nature, it’s a Soulful & Magical Feeling. You feel so happy & Peaceful in Nature because we are also part of Nature. We have forgotten this & we have started living in Cities where there is so little of Nature. So I will suggest everyone to spend more time in Nature because “Nature Heals Everything”. Keep Trees / Plants in your House if Possible. Your Vibes of house will become very Positive.

At the End of this Blog I want to thank everyone who was part of this Beautiful 9 Days Journey with me starting from Angelic Ayanka ( My Live In Partner ) , Magnificent Manoti ( My Cousin Sis) , Smart Sneha ( Wonderful Friend) , my New Friends - Awesome Ajit , Silent Saloni , Rocking Rohan, Victorious Vijay , Ambitious Ajay , Jolly Japjeet & our Trek Leader & Guides - Punctual Pankaj & Running Romil. Thank you all for making this Trip very Special for me. Lot’s of Love & Light to all of You.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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