The Magic Experiments

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Where we change Impossible to Possible with our Experiments. The Journey of 22 Day, with 9 Magic Experiments will open your mind to the world you have never seen or experienced before.

“The Magic Experiments” Online Workshop

You can do these experiments anywhere and anytime. You can do it at your home, office or while traveling.

(Starting from 1st Decemeber)


Ask God/Infinite Energy to show their presence in form of a blessing/gift in just 2 Days time period.


Change your energy and see what you want to see. Decide what you want to see and you will realize that the outer world is just a reflection of your inner world.


We are energy fields and with your energy and thoughts, learn how to move a steel wand in any direction.


Manifest your wish/desire in just 2 Days like a Magic.


You can get all the answers for the Infinite Energy/God/Universe/Higher Consciousness in just 2 Days.


You can change and make an impact on a matter through your thoughts and consciousness.


Loose weight/ Gain weight in just 3 Days without changing your diet or exercise.


You will send a message to some one without being in that persons presence and get evidence of the message delivered in just 2 Days.


Change your focus and your world will change in front of your very eyes in just 2 Days.

There will be only 200 Magic Scientist who will get opportunity to perform these experiments under my guidance. I will change their perception about this world. I will even change their perception about themselves. They will transform in a person who won’t believe in Impossibilities anymore. I believe you must be thinking, “How in the world are all this things possible?” Well that’s what I will teach you in my online 22 Days “The Magic Experiments”. If you want to be “The Magic Scientist”, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity.

How To Enroll

Register on Site

– Skip this if you have already done.

Fees for “The Magic Experiments” is Rs 5000/- (for people from India) & $100/- (for people living outside).

You will find Links in footer of PayUMoney Or

While you do the payment, capture the transaction id (take a screen shot) and mail me to

Once you make the Payment and Enroll in our Workshop, you cannot Cancel and there is no Refund.


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  1. Tarana Gulati says:

    I wanna enroll for this session. Could you pls tell how to go about it. For how many days is the workshop for n whn does it start n how do I go abt it .
    Thank you

  2. anita thani says:

    What are the dates for magic experiment sir?

  3. Chintan Patel says:

    Plz mail me all the details of this course with the fees and venue and dates

  4. Ishani Thakar says:

    I m always eager about your upcoming sessions but not able to join. Because of our financial crisis.. There is so much more we have to pay because in a student life we need to pay for many things. Sir do you have any basic session we can try for FREE! It will be helpful.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ishani,

      You can register on our website to Join Mind Body & Soul for Free online Basic Coaching on Law of Attraction.


  5. Akash singh says:

    Hello sir i want to enroll online course.

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