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The Vortex

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September 5, 2016
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November 6, 2016

The Vortex


I know lot of you must be curious to find out; what is “The Vortex”. If you are following "Law of Attraction” then you must know about “The Vortex” because it will make your job very easy. Have you observed how some people manifest their Desires so easily and some take lot of time and efforts? Law of Attraction is an Universal Law and it’s same for everyone. Then why the difference?

If you say, “Law of Attraction works for me sometimes, but sometimes it doesn't work” then you need to get your basic knowledge right. Law of Attraction is an universal law working all the time, you can’t stop it. But then, the question remains - “How do some people manifest their Desires quickly and some take lot of time to manifest the same Desire?”

The answer is - those who are attracting their Desires easily and quickly are in their “Vortex” knowingly or unknowingly and those who are working hard and struggling to manifest their Desires are not in their “Vortex”. Now coming back to our first question - “What is Vortex?”

To understand what is “Vortex”, you must first understand that We are spiritual beings. We have a Physical body and Spiritual Body. There are lot of name given to Spiritual Body like Soul/Source/Inner-Being and so on. Now "Law of Attraction" is working on both; our Physical body and Soul(Inner-Being). First coming to Physical Body, Law of Attraction is responding to our thoughts and feelings; like attracts like as you all know. Now coming to inner-Being; when we put out a wish, it goes to our Inner-Self and our Vibe (Vibrational Reality) changes with a new Desire added to it. Law of Attraction is responding to our Vibe (Vibrational Reality). When this happens, a Vortex is created which starts attracting and rearranging everything in physical reality to make it possible to Manifest our Desires. More you stay in this Vortex, quicker and easier your Desires will be Manifested.

In simple language, if you are in your Vortex, then "Your Desires will come to you easily and effortlessly" & if you are not in your Vortex then, "you have to work hard and time taken to attract your Desire will get longer and longer." So now it’s your choice what do you want?

To help you be in your “Vortex” all the time, I have designed a "22 Days Magical Relationship" Workshop starting from 2nd October 2016. It is an online workshop so everyone around the world can enroll. In this workshop you will learn everything about “The Vortex” and how to be in “The Vortex” all the time and I will make you practice on daily basis to be in your “Vortex” which will help you attract your Desires easily then you did before. Also your relationship with your Soul(Inner-Self) which is the most important relationship will improve drastically and which will indirectly help you to improve all your relationship with your Life Partner/Parents/People at Work/Children and will also help you to attract your Life Partner if you are looking forward to. You will practice everything under my personal guidance.


Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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  1. Mayur Patel says:

    Why Don’t You Teach that all Free Of Cost

  2. Satarupa Roy says:

    Can I get to attend the 40 days free lecture course .I have accidently removed my name by clicking on the removal from autoresponders list.And I feel this couse will help me boost my morale .

  3. Dr garima says:

    Where will these workshops be conducted

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