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Why are most people Struggling in Life ?

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February 26, 2021
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March 22, 2021

Why are most people Struggling in Life ?


Today I want to share a Fact which everyone knows but many people can’t do anything to help. Yes, we in India are taught to be full of Fear / Negative / Self Criticism / giving others more important than ourselves from Childhood. I have done 3000+ Counseling in last 3 Years of my Life and found that there are 3 Common Problems that most people are facing -

1. Relationship problems - Do you know what is the Root cause of most Relationship Problems ?

Nowadays so many people are having Divorces / Breakups / Relationship problems with their Partners. But when I did many Counselings, I found that the root cause of this problem was lack of Self Love. We all human beings need Love. When we don’t love ourselves we expect the same from our Partners. When they are not able to give us what we want, then the problems start. If you are full of Self Love then your expectation from your Partner is also very less and more happy you will be in your Relationship.

I find so many people who want to get their Ex Back ..? But why..? When I counseled them, I found that they have No Self Respect / No Self-Love / No Self Image. People are just running after others to accept them and love them. This is the Current Reality ..

We all need Love / Appreciation / Acceptance , but our Middle Class Parents don't give us time as they are busy working. Most Parents are very strict and never appreciate their Kids. They are always scolding them & criticizing them.

We were not taught this in School that Self Love is the best Love. We are the Source of Love, so Self Love is very easy to learn and make a part of Life. When you Love Yourself, Accept Yourself & Appreciate yourself, then you don’t need anyone else to do all this and your Relationship will flourish.

2. Health Problems - Do you know what is the Root cause of many Health Problems ? Nowadays it is very common to see that people at the age of 20-40 have Health Problems like - Hair Fall / Skin Problems / Headaches / PCOD / PCOS / Hormonal Imbalance & more.. When I did 5 Years Research on Mind-Body Connection & found that 90% Health Problems are due to Negative Thoughts / Emotions/ Beliefs.

When I went deeper into these studies I was shocked to find that when we don’t love ourselves, or when we criticize our self, when we don’t accept ourselves we start attracting Health Problems like - PCOD / Skin Problems / Headaches / Hormonal Imbalance. When I started teaching Self Love to my Students who had health problems they started healing very easily in just a few weeks. By learning and following Self Love in their lives they have become the best version of themselves and their Bodies are healed completely.

3. Negative Mindset - Do you know what is the Root cause of Negative Mindset ? I believe everyone will agree with me if you are coming from a Middle Class family. Our subconscious Mind is very Powerful and it is being reprogrammed from our Childhood without our knowing. What we see , what we hear , what we are told by our Parents , it becomes our Core Beliefs which are stored in our Childhood. Now the problem is we are born and brought up in a Negative Society which is full of Criticism / Comparison / Fears / Think about the Worst case scenarios. I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to say I am Lazy so many times that I accepted it. I started criticizing myself - “I am lazy. I am good at nothing.” That made things worse .

When I do Counselings, I find that most people criticize themselves. This all has come from some bad incidence of childhood. When you keep criticizing yourself you lose your confidence. You feel you are good for Nothings. This Negative Mind Reprogram from Childhood is due to bad Parenting and Society which we live.

I wish we were taught Self Love in School .. If we learn that - “We are the most Important People in this World & our Happiness should be our 1st Priority” then we would always follow our Happiness. We would be so Positive & Confident. Our Relationships / Health / Mindset would be so wonderful and Positive.

So I feel that Self-Love is the Most Important Part which is missing from our Childhood and no matter what your age is you can learn and live your life with Self Love. I am starting a 5 Days Self Love Master Class on WhatsApp.

DM me on WhatsApp or Email me on - to to know more & Enroll



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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