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365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story – Manifested my Long Term Desires

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April 29, 2019
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May 31, 2019

365 Days Destiny Tuning Program Success Story - Manifested my Long Term Desires


- By Nidhi Jain, Pune

Secret- This word was just a word for me till the time my younger sister (yes, you read right my younger sister who is my mentor at times) haven’t Introduced to me The book - “The Secret” when I was going to take the most important decision of my life to choose my life partner. I went through book and follow practice bout write the details of qualities you want in your partner I did that and kept that list in my wallet and forgot about it. When I found my partner and got married to him , one day I got that list while I was cleaning of my wallet and we together (me & my husband) cross verified the list and not to be surprised much as I know he is best man he had 15 out of 16 qualities I wrote in my paper.

But, story doesn’t ends here… it starts from here.. I got married to the awesome man in the world but we both were finding tough to deal with each other may be because we don’t know how to play role of husband and wife. We were getting into fight for silliest things which was not supposed to pay attention. People used to say that initial time after getting married was honeymoon period but that was not the case for us

Because of all this I got irritated in all areas of my life including my professional life as well and I was getting one thought in my mind where am I lacking as obviously those relationship means a lot to me. My sister knows that I am not happy and she understood that it’s me responsible for all things, she told me about workshop of Mohit Tahilani sir which she attended already and got great results for her health. She told me she wants to join “365 destiny tuning program” by Mohit Tahilani, I said okay go ahead if you find it worth for yourself. Then, she said “ I want you to also join, please give a thought about your situation and join it as you already received a lot from universe lets achieve all happiness step by step by this workshop. I thought and realized yeah I need a mentor who will be there always to remind me that I deserve a lot coz I easily forget to do good practices daily.

And yes I Joined “365 Destiny Tuning Program” and to be very honest I have not practiced regularly task given by Mohit sir, but whenever I get time I do all my practice and whenever I feel low I go through his or Meenakshi ma’am post to get recharged again…..and below are the Long Term Desire list I have achieved so far -

1. To have best relationship with my husband- Trust me, in this area Mohit sir and Universe acted as Cupid which helped me to focus on solutions and he guided me through simplest way and yes we are now perfect for each other, I am enjoying every second with each other and we went on vacation for 10 days to celebrate our 1st anniversary.

2. To have Patience and Calm mind - I just knew to get hyper or react on every situation, right from my school days many people told me to get some patience as I don’t have calm mind but I never pay attention. When I was making my long term desire list I thought to work on this part as well as my husband also don’t like my attitude because of this I scold my maid’s also at times. After practicing my husband complimented me that I am having more patience then before and he is so happy about this change in me.

3. To go on Vacation every second month - Yeah, I know its just 4 month of the year 2019 started and I have been on vacation twice. One for 2 days with my office colleagues and one with my husband for 12 days.

4. To have good Maid (helping hand) - I know it sounds odd to have this as desire in my long term desire list but trust me you can know importance when you got irritated with such small household work and want to focus on other things but wants your home to be comfortable for everyone you need them. And, yes I got aunty who is my cook and she really keeps motherly instinct for all of us and very punctual. I am glad to have her as I can have 3 hours of morning to myself because of her.

5. Beautiful Kitchen Garden on my Terrace - This desire got manifested like a dramatic movie climax, please let me present my entire story to you - I was back from my vacation with my colleagues from Srivardhan beach and I was telling all the stories to my Husband how it went and all blah blah… Suddenly he got call from our property owner and he asked us to vacant the flat by end of this month as his family was coming back to India. He got worried that how we will find other place as we really liked that home and that was the first home we created memories together, me too was in love with that home. I told him don’t worry I will find a better place than this (It was in feb start and I already completed my 1 month workshop, so I had complete trust on universe). We got flat within a week in same society with 1k less rent and guess what my new place is having complete exposure to sunlight which help me to grow my own kitchen garden which I used to imagine in my old house but it was not possible due to lack of sunlight… This is clear proof how Universe Helps to manifest your desire without you to understand anything.

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