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Do You Want To Be Financially Free ?

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December 20, 2023
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February 12, 2024

Do You Want To Be Financially Free ?


Hello Friends…

Today I am going to share my Own Life Story on How I made My Annual Income Turn into Monthly Income ?

I am very happy and excited to share my own Journey with you Today. My Life was not Magical like it is today. I wasn’t born in a Rich Family with a Silver Spoon. I was born in a Lower Middle class family where both my Parents used to work hard to earn money & we were poor. I remember a time when we didn’t have Rs 100/- to pay our Maid, so my Mom was begging her to continue for 1 more month till she manages some money.

Life was full of Struggles.. I was going to a Good School where everyone was Rich. They had Big Homes, Nice Cars, they used to go on Vacations, and cool toys but when I used to ask my Parents, they always said that - “We are not Rich, so we have to live in what we have.” Now after Studying about MindSet & Law of Attraction I realise that my Parents had

Negative Beliefs on Money like -

It’s very Hard to Make Money.

Money is not good.

Only Rich people can make Money.

Rich People are Bad People.

We should not Dream Big.

We have to Struggle in Life to become Successful.

Money don’t grow on Trees. (His Favourite)

When I started “Mind,Body & Soul” in 2015, I was making Rs 3,50,000/- per Year.

This was the same amount of Salary I was getting when I was Working at “Apple” in TCS, Gurgaon & I was not happy. So I started doing a lot of Research on Money and found something which Blew my Mind.

I discovered the “7 Spiritual Laws of Money” - When I started practicing the 7 Laws of Money. I started seeing a lot of changes in my Mindset. My Money beliefs started to become Positive. I remember when I manifested my 1st Magic Check. It was of Rs 10,000/-. I suddenly got a call from my Grandpa saying that he wants to Gift me Rs 10,000/- because I helped him with some Bank Work last Month. I was like what……!

I did a lot of Practices on Money & in just 2 Years, my Annual Income became my Monthly Income..

Yes, I started making “Rs 3,50,000/-“ Per Month.

I also bought my Dream Pent House in 2018, I Sponsored my Dream Wedding in Goa in 2019, I bought my Dream Car - Kia Sonet in 2020 & I am living my Life in Abundance everyday.

I believe Money is Energy & if we follow the 7 Spiritual Laws of Money, we all can become Financially Free. I want everyone to be Rich, I want everyone to be Happy. It took me 3 Years to change my Money Consciousness but I have found 25 Powerful Prosperity Challenges which will change your Money Consciousness in just 25 Days.

I am conducting a “25 Days Advance Prosperity Workshop” once a Year from 1st February 2024.

where I am going to help people like me who want to be Happy, Successful, living life with Abundance of Prosperity & Wealth, who want to follow their Passion.

Do You Want to Be Financially Free Like Me ..?

Do You Want To Follow Your Passion & Become Rich ?

Do You Want To Have Multiple Sources of Income & Live Your Dreams?

If Yes, Whatsapp me on - 9428153974 & Book Your Seat.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

(E) – [email protected]

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