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How to Be Consistent in Life ?

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October 5, 2023
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January 17, 2024

How to Be Consistent in Life ?


Hello Friends…

We all want to live a happy, healthy & Joyful life.. Right .. ! But one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my life & I feel 90% People face in their life is Lack of Consistency. We start something but them due to some or other reason we stop following it..

It can be joining Gym , Yoga, Zumba, Running, Cycling or Practicing Law of Attraction activities to Transform our Lives such as - Meditation, Gratitude, Visualisation, Affirmation & more.. I feel everyone like me wants to Practice these daily so that we can live a Happy, Positive & Health Life . It will also help us Manifest our Dream Life.. But 90% who Join Workshop or Join Gym are not able to continue the Practice after 1-2 months ..

Also we all know that we can’t make our Dream Body in 1-2 months .. Right..? Similarly we can’t manifest our Dream Life in 1 month, we need to continue the Practices for at least 1 - 2 Years to reach the Ultimate Level .

I did a 365 Days Research in 2021 with 100 People Group and I told them the “Benefits of Meditation '' & gave them a Challenge to Practice Meditation daily for 1 Year continuously. Everyone who completes the Challenge will get a Big Reward from me. Everyone was excited for this “1 Year Meditation Challenge” & after the 1 Year was over, I found out the Success Ratio is 100:50:2 . I gave 100 People a Task to Practice Meditation daily for 15 Minutes for 1 Year & I noticed :-


On 1 Day : 100 % People Practiced Meditation

On 30th Day : 50% People we able to Successfully Practice Meditation Daily

On 365th Day : Only 2% People we able to Successfully Practice Meditation Daily


After taking Interviews of 100 People after the Challenge, I found out many common Reason such as -

- Family Problems

- It gets boring

- No Time to Practice

- Traveling so took Break

- No mood to Practice

- Feeling Lazy & Procrastination


There are Only 3 Ways to be Consistency in Life. I have tried all 3 of them & I have got Results. I have shared this with many & 100% People have got Results. Today I want to share it with all of you. There are Only 3 Type of People who can be Consistent in life -

1. Type 1 People -

Self Motivated People with Burning Desire is our 1st Kind of People who are able to stay Consistent in life. Our Mind is very Powerful & if you have Mastered your Mind & become a Self-Motivated Person, you can do anything alone. Unfortunately most people can’t reach at this level as it requires years of training.


2. Type 2 People -

People who Practice in Groups / Communities are Successful in being consistent. I have done this Many times. Whenever I want to Practice for my Marathon or join a Gym for 3 months or 1 Year, I find friends who have the same goals like me & we always Practice together. It’s fun, we motivate each other daily, we also challenge each other & we have a lot of fun. This keeps the consistency for as long as we want. Unfortunately most people don’t have such good friends who have the same goals as them.


3. Type 3 People -

The One who has a Coach / Mentor are always Successful. All the Greatest Kings had a Mentor , that is why they were kings. All the Successful Cricketers have Coaches with them, that is why they are so Successful. Many People who Practice with their Mentors / Coaches get 200% better Results & they also stay consistent because Coaches always find their mistakes & help them to do things in a better way , also they motivate them daily so they get 200% Results in half the time. I have tried this & I am blessed to have many Coaches in my Life in every area of my Life . Everyone can get a Coach / Mentor nowadays who is Expert in their Field.



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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

(E) – [email protected]

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