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Law of Attraction Success Story – I didn’t Believe it First but, It Transformed my Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – My Successful 31 Days Journey
February 1, 2023
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March 10, 2023

Law of Attraction Success Story - I didn't Believe it First but, It Transformed my Life


By, Kaushal Sharma, India

My name is Kaushal Sharma. I born and brought up in Mathura,Uttar Pradesh. I working as a senior sales executive in my home town. I am sharing my amazing experience of "31 Days Magical Workshop" of Mohit Sir with you all. First of all, Thank you so so much to magical Mohit Sir for conducting this wonderful workshop. It's really amazing workshop which helps people to transform their lives to next level. Magical Mohit Sir,You are really a philanthropist.

I came to know about this workshop since 2019, but i haven't joined this workshop till 2022. I have asked with many people, is this workshop is worth it or it is really happened to manifest the desire and many more things. So those people who have attended this workshop, their views was so much amazing. After so many years I have realised that don't create any perceptions in mind rather than following/attending the workshop. So finally in 2023 I am attending this wonderful workshop. I am happy to say that this workshop is really transforming the my life.

I have manifested 4 Desires and others in the process. I understand the factors on which I have to focus on to change the things in a better way. If I do something different from our regular day to day life, it is also gives me so much confidence, happiness which can't be expressed in words. I get to know the vision of my life during this workshop. It's really channelize my thought process in right direction.

So I suggest everyone to attend this workshop at least once as we have to think that we are investing the money to grow ourself.

Again thank you all the Mentors who supported me during this workshop.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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