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Law of Attraction Success Story – I have Become Very Positive & My Life has Changed 360 Degrees

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July 18, 2023
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Law of Attraction Success Story - I have Become Very Positive & My Life has Changed 360 Degrees


By, Shafiya Fathima, India

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Shafiya Fathima, I am from Bangalore. I am truly grateful to share my experience of this "31 days magical Journey" ,with Mohit sir and Ayanka ma'am which was truly a magical experience for me. I am truly grateful to Mohit sir for helping me and guiding me to manifest my desires.

In this workshop I got to know about the power of meditation, gratitude practice and how it can change your life. Before joining this workshop ,I was not aware of the law of attraction, manifestation techniques , affirmations to change our belief system.Importance of self love practice, meditation, forgiveness practice and healing from past traumas and wounds. Once I started practicing all of these, it changed my life completely in a very positive way, I manifested my 7 short term desires.

Now I feel happy, positive,calm all the time ,even when any challenges come I face it calmly and my mind is relaxed and positive that everything is fine and all is well. I manifested all these desires: -

- I started exercising daily for 45 minutes.

- Life has started changing in a positive way.

- I have started celebrating everyday as it is very special.

- I have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

- My relationship with dear ones has been improved magically.

- I have become very positive, happy,and calm then before.

- I am able to manage my time and I am able to make time for myself and do what gives me happiness and excitement.

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you so much Mohit sir for delivering such wonderful knowledge which changed my life completely. It has been a magical journey. I am so glad that I was part of this workshop.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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