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KGL – Kashmir Great Lakes & Life Transforming Lessons I learned on my Way

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KGL - Kashmir Great Lakes & Life Transforming Lessons I learned on my Way


Kashmir Great Lakes & Life Transforming Lessons I learned on my Way


Living in Nature without Phone or Network or Internet, completely cut-off from the World for 1 week is a Dream for many people like Me. From May to August for 4 months I was continuously conducting Workshops & taking 5-6 Counsellings daily without much break so I had a Desire in my Heart to go on a long break for at least 10-15 days. One day I came across this trek called - KGL Trek. It was mesmerising. I asked my Trek Buddies - Ayanka & Manoti, both said yes & we booked it immediately.

Going on a Trek in Mountains is like a Retreat. You learn so many Life Lessons.. It changes you as a Human Being.. This is why I love it & I have booked & recently completed my 2nd Trek of 2022 - KGL on 10th Sep 2022.KGL Stands for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. It is one of the most Beautiful treks of India or I would say of the World. If you haven’t done trekking then this is the best time to start. It will change your life for sure.


Our Journey started from Sonmarg. We all had to Reach at our Base Camp which was not a Guest House like last time, but this time it was Camp near the Sindh River. On 4th Sep we reached the Camp Side around 4pm & The View was Magical. We were the first few people to reach. There was a River flowing next to the camp & there was a Waterfall & the Valley surrounding it was too good. What else do you want on Day 1 ..? Suddenly Nomad came with their hundreds of sheep & I was like - “There is a Traffic Jam in Mountains” .. He He.. One of the Sheep came to me & was asking for food. I gave her my Apple. She enjoyed it & started playing around me .. It was an awww moment.

We were 5-6 people in the beginning, so we were having a chat , introducing ourselves. Asif & Akanksha were a lovely couple who were surprised to know that Ayanka is Raw Vegan. We shared them about our Life Style & Eating Habits & why we are consciously going towards Organic Food & Vegan Food. They might have learned a couple of things that day. I also shared a bit about “The Law of Attraction” & how I help people to Transform their Lives in every Area through my Counsellings & Online Workshops.


Everyone arrived till 8pm & Next Day - 5th September our Trek Started. As we started the Trek, in just 30 minutes we were stopped by Army Officers. They were collecting out IDs, as we were entering the Borders. I believe we were very close to POK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir). As we started again , we got another Surprise - “It Started to Rain.” Yaaay. We all wore our Rain Gears & started climbing again.. Too much Adventure on Day 1 it seemed but this was just the beginning.

As we were going uphill, we enjoyed the view from the top & we were desperately waiting for the - “Maggie Point” which we were told was on the top. As soon as we reached the “Maggie Point '' around 11:30 pm, it started raining heavily. We were blessed as we got shade to keep ourselves dry in the Rains. The Rains were not stopping. It was 2pm & everyone was saying that you can’t continue the trek in Rains so your Team will put their Tents here only. We waited for our Trek Guide & Trek Leaders to come back & they reached around 2:15pm & till then rain had stopped. When I asked them, what’s the plan, they said - We will move on & continue the Trek, the sky is getting clear now. I was revealed..


Finally, we reached our Camp Side around 4:30pm on Day 1, slightly delayed due to rain but I feel like we were Home. We were 19 Mates in our Group with 3 Trek Leader & Guides. There were 3 other girls who had booked through some other agency but they were also trekking with us. One of them was missing. Later I found out that she was not feeling well, so she went back home from Maggie Point. After reaching our Tent Sites we all were tired & exhausted so I decided to just relax & sleep early as the next day we had to wake up at 5am. In mountains they say - Start Early so You Reach Early at your Destination. In my Workshops also I teach the same - Wake up Early so you can give time for your Personal Transformation & then start your day. This is the 1st Life Lesson which you will learn in my Workshop & Trekking.

Most People wake up late & then just run to their Jobs or Business. They don’t have time for themselves. I myself have learned & now I wake up daily around 5:30 am on most days. I meditate daily from 6am to 6:30 am , then I practice my Gratitude & Affirmations till 7am & then 2 hours Workout in Gym. This is my Morning Ritual from the last 6 months. So the first 3-4 hours is all about my Mental Health / Physical Health / Spiritual Health.


6th Sep - Day 2 of Trek. Today was a simple trek with 9-10Km only. It was a more flat walk so we reached early around 3:30pm. On the way I was wondering if we had come to KGL & where the hell are those beautiful lakes.? It’s been 2 days & we haven’t seen any lakes yet. But when we reached our Camp side, we were told that there is a lake nearby, just a 5 min walk, so we all went there around 5pm after taking a break. Finally we saw the 1st Lake of KGL, it was Mesmerising & we saw the Sunset from the lake. It was one of the best days of the Trek.

We were told that tomorrow will be the most difficult day of the entire trek for 2 Reasons. We had the highest climb up-hill approx. 3-4 hours & total distance covering will be around 15 Km. Everyone was scared & excited but I was thrilled. I was telling myself that it’s going to be Easy. I heard a lot of Negative talk from people around me, so I started talking to them & motivating them. There was a Girl from Pune - Ritu. She was a beginner & She used to come last on both the days. It was a bit difficult for her initially, but we had a chat, she is a wonderful person, I tried to motivate her a little. I shared my experience of my 1st trek, how I used to come last & it’s fine. Trekking is not a race, completing it is important, not coming first. This is the 2nd Life Lesson which I teach in my Workshop - “Life is not a Race, it’s like a Trek.” You don’t have to come first but you have to enjoy the Journey with people around you & you will Successfully complete it with Happiness & Memories.


7th Sep - Day 3 - We started early & we saw the trails on the Mountains. It was one of the biggest Pass. Our Trek Guides were very helpful, they told us not to walk fast but walk slow & stop less. We had this experience from our 1st trek. Me & Ayanka continuously walked for 3-4 hours with minimum break but we were very slow. We almost reached the top & took a small break & saw down.. My eyes were full of Sparkles, I saw 2 beautiful lakes & they were Gorgeous. Now I realise why so many people want to come to KGL. We continued walking & were one of the first people to reach on top of the Pass. Thanks to our 6 months of Gym Workout which gave us so much fitness & strength. I was feeling grateful & then I started cheering everyone who was reaching. I love helping & motivating people. So I started Congratulating everyone who reached the top.

It was an amazing feeling, like we have achieved something Big in Life. I was proud of myself. We halted there & enjoyed the View, took some pics. Our Trek Leader - Tareek Bhai said - “ You guys are very good. You reached the top earlier than we expected.” I was very happy to listen to this & continued talking to everyone. We had a Youtuber with us in our Group - Kuldeep ( Young Guy starting his Youtube Journey). All the best buddy. After an hour we continued & saw 1 more beautiful Lake in between where we had Lunch. Finally we reached our Camp side around 4pm. We arrived earlier than expected. We all were very happy that day. It was like we had won the WorldCup. It was a Relief that we had successfully completed the toughest part of the Trek. Weather was clear & we all were blessed. That day the trek was scary, if I looked up, it was scary, when I looked down, it was scary too. So I decided to look at my next step & just keep walking & enjoying my next few steps talking with my neighbours. This is very important in Mountains & also in our Life . This is Life Lesson 3 - If you think too much about the future, you will feel stress. If you think too much about the past, you will be sad. But when you live in the Present & Enjoy the Present, you will be Happy. So always try to live in the Present.


8th Sep - Day 4 - Now we all are Super Confident. We had completed the toughest part, so everyone was feeling like Superheroes. Today’s trek was small & easy. Only 8Km to walk & we reached at 1pm. We had hot lunch for the 1st time in the Trek & there was a Lake nearby so we decided to go there around 4pm. I took a small nap post lunch & then entered the Dining tent at 3:30 with a Surprise. I was awww struck. I saw Yummilicious - “Pani Puries” aka “Gol Gappas” being served as snacks in Mountains for the first time. I was so happy & excited. I had 15-20 of them & then was super charged to see the Lake nearby. We all went around 4pm & enjoyed the lake. It was a small Lake surrounded by mountains on 3 sides. We came back around 5:30 & I was then thinking what to do, so we all planned to play some games. Everyone was in a good mood after eating Pani Puris that day.

So we all came into our Dining Tent around 6:30 pm & started playing games. That was the day I bonded with everyone easily. We played 7 Top, Uno, Mafia & many other games. It was fun & everyone was enjoying themselves. It was feeling like we all are childhood friends meeting after a long time at a friend’s Wedding. There was a wonderful Group of 8 friends from Bangalore. They all lived near Bangalore & worked in IT. Everyone of them was a great person - Malik / Shweta / Akshay / Suprita / Bashavraj / Vidya Shri / Dinesh & Arvind. It was wonderful spending time with Asif & Akanksha. We also had some Solo Travellers too - Faizal ( Very Entertaining & Funny Guy ), Kuldeep ( The Yutuber Guy ), Darsheeni ( Solo Girl Traveller). We had Rahil & Anuj from Mumbai. We also had 2 Wonderful Girls - Ritu & Anubha with us. Both of them were wonderful people. I saw a huge transformation in Ritu from Day 0 to Day 4. Keep it up both of you girls. Life Lesson 4 - When you are Surrounded with Happy & Positive people, life becomes Wonderful. I was happier in Mountains with a bunch of new friends than I was when I bought my 1st Car or Pent-House. So always Remember materialistic things will never give you Inner-Happiness. Enjoy the small things in life which gives you Inner Happiness.


9th Sep - Day 5 - Our Trek was a 7 Day Trek with a Reserve day, but we were very Blessed that the Weather was very good so we decided not to take a Reserve day. Today was also a simple 10km walk but it had a huge climb up. I would say that we were going to climb the highest - 13,800 Ft approx. Highest point of our KGL Trek & we all were very excited for the View. As we started we were very confident & today was a day we had steep climb up & steep climb down. So I told myself again & again that - “Just focus on the next 2 steps. Live in the Present” . This really helped me a lot. We started early & we reached the top very early around 10am, which was not expected by our Team Guides. When we reached the Top, I was like - “Wowwww”.. This is the day I was waiting for. This is the most beautiful View of KGL Trek. Yes, I was lost in Nature. I just sat there for 10 min & enjoyed the View. Then we all took some pics & had our refreshments.

There were 2 beautiful lakes & one of them was the biggest lake of the entire KGL Trek. So our Trek Guides decided to go to 1st lake & have our lunch there. Post that we will go to 2nd lake for our Camp side. I was super Excited to spend a day near these 2 lakes. We started climbing down & it was crazy as we were running down with excitement. We reached the 1st lake around 1pm, which was very early. We all had lunch & suddenly it started to drizzle. We all rushed to our Camp side, reached there in 10-15 minutes. As soon as I came inside my tent , it started to rain heavily. I was relieved, we all were very blessed to reach on time. Then for the next 2 hours it rained so heavily, we say Ice- fall ( Baraf ke ole ), we were a bit worried as water started coming inside our tent. But finally around 4pm the Rain stopped & the Sun came out so did we. We all were out enjoying ourselves. I went into the Dinner tent, we were having fun & suddenly we got a Surprise - “ There came Hot Maggie” . Everyone was Happy & Excited to see Maggie after a Heavy Rainfall. We all enjoyed it & then went out. Our Trek Guides & Leaders went fishing near the Lake. We were enjoying the view. Today was the last night staying in our Tents so we all decided to play games till Midnight. I learned a new Game - “Mafia”. It was super fun & Exciting.


Out Trek Guide & Leaders - Rana Bhai , Thapa Bhai & Tareek Bhai came & took our Feedback as tomorrow evening we were all going to Srinagar. Everyone was very happy & gave amazing feedback. I was very grateful to everyone in the Group. I want to thank everyone personally today writing this blog.

1. Ayanka - Thanks for being my Trekking Buddy & my Life Partner too.

2. Manoti aka Mini - Thanks for being my 2nd Trekking Buddy & a Wonderful Sis who is always fun to be around.

3. Faizal - You were one of the most Entertaining Guy in this Trek. Always be yourself buddy. Like is going to be Fun..

4. Asif - Thanks buddy for teaching me how to use Pro Mode & shoot Stars at Night. You are a wonderful Human Being.

5. Akanksha - Thanks for inspiring me to do more treks. You love Nature & I wish you would spend more time in Nature.

6. Ritu - You are like a Sister to me. I am very happy that you came on this Trek. I feel you have become very confident after this trek & I believe you have learned a lot from everyone. Follow your Happiness, keep working on your Fitness & do what you love the most. Don’t listen to others.

7. Anubha - You are a Rockstar dear. You were facing so many challenges daily but you never gave up. I love this attitude & I believe this attitude will help you a lot in life. Keep doing more treks & I am blessed to meet such a wonderful person like you in KGL.

8. Malik - Thanks for your Presence. It was great playing games with you guys. Especially the Mafia , which I will never Forget. You are a great leader.

9. Shweta - We didn’t have much of a conversation but you are a wonderful human being. Always be happy & keep Trekking dear.

10. Akshay - Thank you buddy for being part of this Trek. I feel you are the one who convinced everyone to come on this Trek. It was a pleasure.

11. Suprita - Thank you dear for being a part of this KGL. You were not well but still you completed the trek, hats-off to you girl. We didn’t have much time to talk but I would love to talk to you specially about “Law of Attraction” as you were Interested to know more. Ping me one you read this message.

12. Basavraj - Thanks for being one of the funniest guy in the Group. It took me 3 days to remember your name but now I will always remember.

13. Vidya Shri - Thank you dear. You are an Inspiration, when I found out that you are a House Wife & this was your First Trek, I was so much inspired by you. Keep Trekking.

14. Dinesh - Thank you buddy for being Yourself. You are a Rockstar & a great Singer. You are a Leader & I was very happy to spend time with you on Trek.

15. Arvind - The only Single Guy in your Group of 8 People. Thanks for joining this Trek. It was your 1st Trek & you did awesome. I believe next time you will come with your Wife like your Friends. Lol.. just Kidding..

16. Darshini - Thank you dear for being a part of this KGL Trek. You are an inspiration to all the girls in India who want to travel Solo. Keep it up girl. Keep travelling & Trekking.

17. Anuj - Thanks buddy for coming on this Trek. You are a great human being. I wish you lot’s of Successful for your Career.

18. Rahil - I will call you Rockstar Rahil. Thanks buddy for being part of this Trek. I think you were one of the fittest person on this trek & one of the few who were carrying their own RuckSac Bag from Day 1 to Day 6, still you were flying like a Superstar. Keep it up buddy. I wish you to get your MBA Admission in your Dream College. All the best for your Career ahead.

19. Kuldeep - Katil Kuldeep , I understand how you feel as an Introvert. I am also an introvert so I understand your Situation. You are a great Person & I wish you all the best for your Youtube Channel. You are an Inspiration to others, I was impressed how you did Solo Treks & Cyclotrons. Keep it up Buddy, you are a SuperStar.

20. Gaurav - Thank you bro for booking this trek at the last moment & joining us. It was amazing spending time with you. I love your Spontaneity. From now onwards

I would also try to be a bit like you, take spontaneous trips. Always be happy bro.

Finally our 3 Rockstars without whom this KGL Trek was never Possible -

1. Tareek - You are a Rockstar & I am very grateful for spending maximum time with you during the trek. Thanks for sharing your Stories &. Stories of KGL. I wish you a lot of Success in your life. Keep inspiring everyone. We all will never forget your - “Sabbash”.

2. Pavnesh Rana aka Rana Ji - Thank you so much dear for helping us in every way possible. Especially with the Food of Ayanka. You did everything you could do & thank you for teaching us how to be on time always. All the best for your Future.

3. Thapa Bhai - I didn’t have much time to talk with you but we had a great time having fun specially talking about your Soul-Mate. I hope to meet you in upcoming treks soon.

Lesson 5 - Always be Grateful & Appreciate everyone in your life. I have been practicing Gratitude for the last 12 Years & it has Transformed my Life 360 Degrees. Finally Thanks to you for Reading my Blog. I believe you must have learned something new today. Welcome to “Mind, Body & Soul” & our Vision is to make India the most Happiest & Positive Country in the World by helping Individual people.



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

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