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Law of Attraction Success Story – Be the Creator of your Life

Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifesting Effortlessly
November 13, 2017
Intelligent Energy
November 14, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story - Be the Creator of your Life


- By, Richa Upadhyay, India.

How I turned Magical?

It's been since 2013 When I came to know about "The Secret" i.e. about Law of Attraction through a friend of mine. That was the time when I was struggling with negativity and depression for most of the time and cribbing about things. I watched “The Secret” movie many times and tried to improve on my part & started becoming somewhat positive again in my attitude. Still I wondered about the results of my desires, since I use to get only 50 percent of my desires completed. So I use to think about having a Mentor who can guide me well in this Law of Attraction journey so that my wishes could be manifested easily and Universe is so wonderful that after a period of time I encountered Mohit Tahiliani’s page - “Living the Secret” on Facebook. As days passed with some of my desires still uncompleted one day I came to know about " 31 Days Mind Power Magic session" on Mohit's page in May 2016, so just thought to give a chance to welcome Magic in my life without knowing how it I proceed. Only thing I just wanted to make sure was to welcome " Magic in my life."

The Magic Session was no doubt a Turning point in my life, where I not only learned so many things for manifesting my desires, to remain positive most of the time, to maintain calmness without being judgemental or critical about the situations or persons but also made some wonderful friends for life which I never thought of. With time these friends not only proved to be blessings but also became Strengths of my life.

Cutting Short to Story, I have written many wishes in last session of May 2016 where I manifested 1 or 2 wishes within 1 month. I followed the pattern of Law of Attraction and it's philosophy in day today life with extreme gratefulness and happiness because I love it and admire it. This August in 2017 again I made my short term wish list. From that you won't believe it that out of my 11 wishes 4 are manifested in most beautiful and magical ways since we all know basic thing that " Universe listens to us what we ask for and delivers it in divine time".

My first short term wish was for a job which could not only match my mental status but also with handsome salary with less workload.And Yes M so thankful to Universe that m finally with that kind of Job which I was desiring for in month of October. My other wish was to have a good guide for my Post graduation since I wanted my guide to be Cooperative and supportive and guess what I got the same when I met my Pg Counselor/Guide.

And the list continues for manifestations, my other wish got completed magically as I had a desire for a magical relationship with a friend of mine, since due to some misunderstanding the other was not keeping in touch and had terminated the friendship though whose recovery was very dicey at one point of time. But yes Universe is so great and powerful that it listens to our vibes and intentions with purity and gratefulness which matters the most.

I am so so thankful To Universe ,The Secret and Mohit Tahiliani for all the things which I learned in my journey and it's just a bliss I feel magical all the time having smile all the time on my face.I totally feel Magic engulfing Around me all the time.

Be the Creator of your Destiny .

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

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