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Law of Attraction Success Story – Got 300% Hike in Salary

Law of Attraction Success Story – Attracted my Dream Job in ICAR
July 9, 2017
Law of Attraction Success Story – Responding Positively In Intense Situation
July 24, 2017

Law of Attraction Success Story – Got 300% Hike in Salary


- By, Gaurav Tekade, India

I had seen the secret video many year ago. I started practicing Law of Attraction, but unable to implement it on regular basis. I was finding a mentor for proper guidance. I started searching for mentor/counselor from India to whom I can trust and universe introduce me to Mohit Tahiliani website. I personally mailed Mohit sir and he kind heatedly accepted me.

I joined my 1st workshop which was “31 Days Mind Power Magic workshop” in month of September 2016. My life took a U-turn after attaining his workshop. I started manifesting small things. Small dreams started getting fulfilled, my confidence was rising and I thought of looking for big dreams. Dream which will give me everything I deserve. I want to manifest my dream job. Which will provide me stability, happiness, wealth, and peace.

I joined Mohit sir’s “Relationship workshop” after that, there I learn a lot of things about improving personal relationship, relationship at work place. To overcome negative aspect in organization and many more.

Then I joined his “Prosperity workshop”. It was very important for me to know my belief about wealth and money. It had change my belief towards wealth and prosperity.

Now most important part what I manifested. I manifested my dream job. Which accurate as per my specifications. as I dreamed of. I got more than 300% hike in my salary. A fully furnished apartment in Mumbai whose rent will be paid by my organization. In my entire life I didn’t travel through plane, But with in last 2 month I flied 7 times to various destination. Universe had manifested almost my all other dreams this One single dream.

1.Magic workshop introduce me to the power of gratitude.

2.Relationship workshop introduce me to the power of belief, self confidence and how to alter negative into positive.

3. Prosperity workshop helps me to remove all the mental blockages which I had about wealth.

Universe had cleared the path for me. I am in different frequency now the positive one. I started experiencing energy. Even now while writing this mail I am surprised that how my life took U-turn.

I am thankful to Mohit Tahiliani sir.. words are less to express my thankfulness to him.

Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you..

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Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

(E) – [email protected]

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